I Am Not a Human Being II Review


In today’s society, to be successful – well, you have to be “different”. Lil Wayne’s latest album I Am Not a Human II, also abbreviated as INAHAB 2; shows the world how different he is as an artist by being diverse with clever wordplay, metaphors, a flow of his own. Compared to his first serving of INAHAB back in 2010, this time around, Wayne gives the listener more than enough explicit lines about sex, drugs, and basically more sex. INAHAB 1 had its explicit lines, but they made perfect sense to the song and they were not as distasteful as they are in his new album.

The album begins with the piano keys playing, leading to Wayne’s opening line – “I’m in the crib butt naked bi***. She said my d*** could be the next black president.” When the first line hit my ears, I felt let down by Wayne. He uses so many expletives surrounding the topics of sex and drugs only to grab our attention.

A few lines that may widen your eyes a bit:

“She say, I didn’t know your d*ck was a recliner.” (From “Curtains”)

“If she make this d*ck hard, she woke up a sleeping giant.” (From “No Worries”)

“Suck this d*ck and swallow that nut, and call it Peniscolada.” (From “Wowzerz”)

The second song titled “Curtains”, is what led me to continue listening to the album. Like most of the songs after it, it contained lots of bass and was upbeat. The album was developing into something creative until the sixth song; “Back to you” began playing. I felt as if I went three years back in time. I expected more from Wayne since he released a rock album titled Rebirth in 2010.  This is one of the two rock songs featured on the regular version of the album, the other being “Hello”. The song is not all that bad; it is just out of place on the album and track list. I would have probably enjoyed the song more if Wayne released another rock album. The rest of the album headed downward as only a few songs were satisfying while majority of them led me to believe I was torturing myself.

There are four bonus songs on the deluxe version that do the album justice. (“Lay It Down”, “Hot Revolver”, “My Homies Still”, “Sh*t Stain”) These songs are the reason I would skip through the album to reach the end. “Lay It Down” features fellow YMCMB artists Nicki Minaj and Corey Gunz, who enhance the album’s quality with a verse each in a distinct style. “Hot Revolver” is a song that did not make the track list of Wayne’s Rebirth. Since then, he re-produced the song and added a verse. Being a rock song, it does not fit INAHAB 2, but since it is near the end it flows perfectly. “My Homies Still” was the first single released off INAHAB 2, but isn’t on the regular album. As a bonus song, it’s worth the extra money for a fan since it’s one of his good hits. “Sh*t Stain” is not as good as the other three bonus songs. It provides a reasonable closure to the album better than the regular versions final song, “Hello”.

The album could have been one of Wayne’s best, but it had no sense of direction. The album was not as innovative as it could have been. Wayne may perhaps have fallen off, but continues to release hit after hit no matter if he doesn’t release a worthy album.

Singles from INAHAB 2:

  • “My Homies Still”
  • “No Worries”
  • “Love Me”
  • “Rich As F*ck”

Overall Rating: 2.5/5


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