Injustice: Gods Among Us Review


If you’re familiar with the mechanics of Mortal Kombat it’s easy to see the similarities between it and Injustice. The presentation of the story, fighting styles and fighting mechanics, a vast section of unlockables will make MK fans right at home. But Injustice is no clone; it uses Mortal Kombat’s style to become its own game. However, while Injustice finds its independence it succumbs to a few insecurities.

Injustice falls into the slim category of fighting games with a deep story mode.  During the story, you’ll be switching between characters (giving you a decent chance to learn how to use them) as the tale progresses. This way of storytelling will feel familiar if you’ve played the last Mortal Kombat game. The story itself is pretty simple and easy to understand, but it doesn’t do anything huge to standout. A few big moments do happen but depending on how much of a DC fan you are will determine the impact of the story for you. Excellent fan service moments happen after every fight referencing comic book and animated series moments throughout. It also helps that most of the characters are voiced by the same voice actors from the animated series. The story is pretty short and sweet and should take about four hours to complete.

+Story mode was made for the hardcore DC fans

+Interactions between characters

-The story itself falls a bit short of greatness

Story/Presentation: 7.5/10

Audio: 9/10


Here is the 24 characters you’ll find in Injustice:


• Aquaman • Ares • Bane • Batman • Black Adam • Catwoman • Cyborg • Deathstroke • Doomsday • Green Arrow • Green Lantern • Hawkgirl • Harley Quinn • Killer Frost • Lex Luthor • Nightwing • Raven • Shazam • Sinestro • Solomon Grundy • Superman • The Flash • The Joker • Wonder Woman

DLC: Lobo, Batgirl, Martian Manhunter, Zod, Scorpion and Zatanna


Besides story mode, Injustice offers a lot to do. Classic arcade modes, an online mode, training and tutorial modes, and a mission mode are available to play. No doubt hardcore fighting game fans will spend most of their time in training and online mode but Injustice gives a lot of options for everyone. Many collectables can be unlocked by doing various tasks and mission mode is a pretty good change of pace. Before you can enter any of these modes, the game asks you if you want to enter tutorial mode to learn the basics. Encouraging players to learn how to properly use characters instead of button mashing is pretty refreshing. Cross-ups, overheads, special cancels and juggle combos are all present in the game. Injustice has a health cast of twenty four characters and every character feels different and unique. Not everything Injustice tries to do is perfect though. A few quick time events are in story mode but they feel dated and out of place. An interactive and breakable environment is a nice touch, but it might get a little unbalanced or repetitive.

+Diverse roster

+ Solid fighting mechanics

+Plenty of modes to keep casual and hardcore fans happy

= Only time will tell if Injustice can keep hardcore fans interested and invested

-Some mechanics feel dated

Gameplay: 8.25/10

Lasting Appeal: 8.5/10

Some of the textures, character designs and some light effects look absolutely dated. Throughout the story, nameless extras look like something from the beginning of this generation.  Backgrounds look laughably bad in non fighting areas. The core characters and backgrounds do look good during the actual fighting, so these visual problems are only apparent in the story. The character designs of the main characters are still questionable though. Wonder woman, Joker and in particular are kind of hard to look at up close for more than five seconds. Most characters do look passable but the character designs in Mortal Kombat are considerably better which is weird since that game came out four years and was made by the same studio that made Injustice.

Raven... hasn't aged well

Raven… hasn’t aged well

=While some characters suffer appearance wise, most characters look solid

-Muddy Textures in story mode

Visuals: 6.5/10


Quick recap:

Lackluster story with cool interactions between characters

Rough surfaces in a few areas but most characters are presentable

Plenty of content for hardcore and casual fans

Slow paced, combo heavy fighting


Injustice is a solid fan service fighting game that has a chance to find a hardcore fan base. Story mode is a bit of a disappointment, but as a fighting game it earns bonus points for having one. Only time will tell if it can keep up with the big names of Street fighter and Tekken, but it has a recipe to do so.

**And after a few months after release, Injustice has found a good pocket of fans in the competitive scene. **

Overall: 8/10

Try this game if you like:

The DC universe

Mortal Kombat

King of Fighters XIII


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