Why is Attack on Titan so good? (Attack on Titan unofficial review)

Warning…Contains spoilers for Attack on Titan episode 21…

You know, it has been awhile since I have been truly shocked by anime.  No I mean like, REALLY SHOCKED!


Haven’t been shocked this much since I found out School Days wasn’t just a  typical romance…


Or when I found out Magica Madoka wasn’t anything like Sailor moon, or any mahou shojou anime I have seen for that matter…


Both of those anime alone was enough for me to lose my head…( Get it)

but I really haven’t been this surprised since I caught Shinji masturbating in EVangelion….Wait huh?


WHAT A TWIST!!! Not really… kind of gross.  Radditz voice : I’m just Saiyan…

Oh and let’s not forget Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagaan’s extreme shift in the middle of the series, which shattered many hearts and threw many of us in a surprised state.

I’m sure Kamina even said to himself, 

“But you can’t kill me, I’m the main character… WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!”

Well, I think I have prolonged this long enough and I might as well dive right into it.  Why is Shingeki no Kyojin, or “Attack on Titan”, so darn good?  Simple, it is one of the few anime that is not scared to express that their main character is a scrub, a chump, an all talk big shot who can sometimes pull through, but as we seen through most of the anime series thus far, he is just a loud mouth brat who came through maybe once or twice.  Now please, disagree if you must, but if I am not mistaken, he was the only one out of his companions to have struggled with the maneuver gear in the beginning.  Then of course, there is the argument that his was defective.  But now, here is the thing, as of episode 21, he has “sort of” died twice.  If he was a regular soldier, he would have been dead since before the halfway mark of the show.  This is why the show is so interesting to my opinion.  I don’t mean to bash Eren in any way, but truthfully, he is not as useful as he is a hindrance since everyone is now ricking their lives for him and his unknown ability that not even he can fully grasp. To contradict myself a little though, he is not a “scrub “so to speak.  Put frankly, he is vulnerable; just as vulnerable as any other character in the show.  No matter how much the show manages to build hype around him, make him stronger, show scenes of him devoting his life to the death of all Titans; no matter how much it may seem like in the current situation that he is going to go into some type of Bankai, super saiyan, tailed beast mode, to avenge his friends, this show is not scared to express the reality that, he is just another weak human being, just more special than others.  To add spit to the dirt, its worse that his peers, Mikasa and Armin are both valuable assets for either their combat abilities or intellect, but Eren in contrast again, is just a mere weak human being, just more special than the others.

And it does not stop with Eren, as most of the conflicts in the entire anime end with unhappy endings.  This is the stark reality of the “Attack on Titan” world.  No matter how much you may want the heroes to save the day, for humanity to win in the end; for the loud mouthed cheesy Naruto based character boasting about how he will save everything or destroy them all, the endpoint is, they are all vulnerable.

This is not your typical anime people, this is an anime not afraid to break the rules and defy the typical paradigms of the traditional anime structure.  If all goes well, I expect this anime to be reviewed as a ten out of ten.  As of episode 22, the last episode I viewed before this article, I already have my expectations betted on it!  Lets see…

By the way, i left out the other great reasons why you should watch this show, of course, the killer action, great art, and of course the super bad ass, intense opening song… this is just somethings to throw in the wind…. everyone notes those though.  This show is so much more then blood and gore…


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