Playing Beyond: Two Souls, AND LOVING IT


I understand that there are a lot of mixed reviews out there about Beyond: Two Souls. However I implore you to keep in mind that reviews are based mainly on opinion and experience. Experience that is usually based off of journalism and knowledge (and hopefully love) of video games. I’ve played the game for about four hours so far and I’m having a great experience with it. I admit that the game is nowhere near perfect, it has obvious flaws. It isn’t as focused as I’d like it to be, and some of the gameplay is a bit wonky. But I still think it is a pretty good game. If you played Heavy Rain or The Walking Dead and loved them as much as I did, good for it, don’t let those reviews stop you like it almost stopped me. Ellen Paige’s performance is enough to warrant your purchase. If you’re a gamer who enjoys an above average story and like to marvel at graphics I can easily recommend this game to you. I haven’t beaten the game yet, or haven’t played enough to write a full review (which I plan to do after I’m done) but I can honestly say that I’m happy I bought this game. Unless the next few hours drastically falls down in quality, I’d say that Beyond: Two Souls deserves to be played by as many gamers as possible. So if those six or seven out of ten review scores are scaring you away from the game, look for a few more reviews. Some of them are positive and others are negative; watch them both, good and bad, and make your ultimate decision. I hope this helped anyone who was on the fence about getting Beyond: Two Souls.

Happy gaming ladies and gentlemen.

2 thoughts on “Playing Beyond: Two Souls, AND LOVING IT

  1. Well you certainly got me off the fence. I would have bought it anyway because my family and I loved Heavy Rain story and games in general. I was getting nervous about a few negative reviews but you have helped calm my nerves. I remember when Heavy Rain received the same reviews, so I generally do not listen to reviewers much and decide on my own. 🙂

    • Glad to help 😀 I was a bit skeptical too but I love Heavy Rain i so just went for it. Hope you and your family love Beyond Two Souls as much as I do!

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