Fans Cheer for Star QB’s Injury

Quarterback Matt Schaub hasn’t preformed very well this season. Going into Sunday’s game, he threw a “pick six” in every game of the season. The struggling Houston Texan QB has had a rough time on and off the field so far this year. After another loss last week, a fan was reportedly seen visiting Schaub’s house, screaming obscenities directed at the quarterback. If that wasn’t enough, this week, another uncalled for action happened to the QB. During Sunday’s game against the St.Louis Rams, Matt Schaub went down with an injury… Leading to some Texan fans actually cheering at the fact the he was injured. The QB was sidelined, as he listened to his home crowd happy that he got hurt. Now, it doesn’t matter what team you root for, or if you care for the sport or not, cheering after a person getting injured is uncalled for. It was unnecessary and tasteless. Matt Schaub is a professional football player, meaning he is doing this for a living. Just like everyone else, he has bills to pay, a family that cares for him and he is a human being. Those “fans”who cheered should honestly should be ashamed of themselves and the real fans of the Houston Texans are probably embarrassed to be associated with them, which is another shame. Not all fans cheered, but now Houston will be associated with having bad fans. Feel better Matt Schaub. I hope you return healthy, go back out there and prove those who wanted you gone that you are one damn fine quarterback.


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