Can I live Freestyle

Rap is my passion I feel like I was made to rhyme

Cause every time I write I feel a chill go down my spine

Feel like this game was made to be mine like a valentine

So I’ma go in til the day I get signed

Then I’m goin’ ape shit

You rappers imaginary and I ain’t a fan of fake shit

So step aside and let me show you how to make shit

And I ain’t a toilet so don’t expect me to take shit

Yeah I’m aiming for the throne

And I ain’t gonna stop til I make the top my home

Cause the shit I drop will have you feelin’ stoned

The flow will leave ya mind blown like dynamite in ya dome

Yeah so drive much even at red lights I ain’t stoppin’

Cause my flow is big shit like some elephant droppings

Like a fish outta water all you rappers is floppin’

And if y’all pizza then I’m pepperoni cause everything you do I’m toppin’

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