Good Evening Freestyle

My flow is well done all you other rappers is over cooked

I rhyme like a global earthquake I got em all shook

The game got me feeling like these rappers got a death wish

Got me feeling like a shark in an ocean full of fish

My fans are insomniacs they never sleep on me

Impossible for me to fall cause I don’t believe in gravity

Undefeated champ call me Floyd Mayweather

I brainstorm tornadoes you brainstorm rainbows call you Gay weather

I don’t do this for kicks boy this ain’t karate class

I do this cause I love it like a girl wit a fat ass

I’m hotter than napalm you bout  as hot as a bench warmer

My crew is  like a bunch of bees fuck wit us and we’ll swarm ya

Call me a dog the way I stay shitting on you

I’m raping the game someone call S.V.U

I got that x-ray vision all ya lies I see through

Cause real recognizes real and I don’t fucking know you


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