My First Console Launch: Getting a Playstation 4

The Playstation 4 is the only system I’ve ever bought on day one. I bought a 3ds earlier in the year and a few years ago I bought a Playstation 3, it was the first system I bought with my own saved up cash. I never had the privilege (or curse) to get a system at launch, until yesterday. I pre-ordered my PS4 immediately after the price was announced so I’ve been waiting for launch for a while. Leading up to launch day, a few disappointing things happened. Two launch games, Watch Dogs and Drive Club, were delayed. That sucks because I was planning to get Drive Club along with Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4. Soon after that, the reviews for the Playstation 4 launch games started to come out, and a game called Knack got dismantled. I wanted that cute little game to suceed, since it was the first game ever shown for the PS4. Sadly, the launch games got less than stellar reviews, but they weren’t that bad. It didn’t matter much to me, since I wasn’t buying the system just for launch, I was buying it for the next five years (at least).

On the actual launch day, I luckily didn’t have to go to classes. I pre-ordered my console on Amazon so I could have it shipped to me on Day one. I live in a shady area so I didn’t want to walk home with a brand new shiny console in my hand in a dark neighborhood. So, I waited at home for my shipment. And waited… And waited… I’m usually a patient person; EXCEPT when it comes to dealing with UPS.  They always say that they will come from 9am BETWEEN 7pm. They can’t tell you a direct time that the will be over there; not even a window of time is given. So, you are completely at their mercy and have to wait all day for them, until they finally arrive. I ended up waiting all day. I wanted to go out to get something to eat (since I had no food in my house) but I was afraid they would show up when I was out. So I starved. During the wait, it didn’t help that news was coming in that some people had problems with the new system. PSN was down, HDMI plugs weren’t working and some systems were overheating. Now that terrified me into almost re-thinking my decision. The UPS guy finally showed up AFTER 7pm, with my new system. Even though I finally had my system, the whole experience was ruined. I was so mad that I waited all day so I couldn’t fully appreciate the moment.Regardless, after finally getting something to eat, I tore open my shipping box and took my system out the package and plugged it in.

my ps4

My Playstation 4 finally arrived at 7:14pm

I turned my Playstation 4 on and downloaded Resogun, Contrast, Warframe and Blacklight Retribution. Those were all free games since I ended up not buying any launch games (I’m broke). I let everything download while watching The Legend of Korra (great show) and when it was done I started up Resogun. I was greeted by amazing visuals and a lively soundtrack. Then a voice came out of the controller, and I almost lost my mind. I love the feel of the Dualshock 4, but my favorite feature of the controller is the built in speaker in the controller itself. I hate the phrase but I’m going to use it this once: This is next gen.

Overall, I love the the new system, even though getting it was a hassle. Would I buy a console at launch again? Probably, but I’d do it redundantly. But to anyone who bought a Playstation 4 at launch congrats! And to anyone buying a Xbox One next week, good luck and have a successful launch.

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