Flashback Backlog: Hotline Miami

I’ll cut to the chase; I love and hate Hotline Miami. Don’t get me wrong, HM is a great game but I personally had a problem with my experience with this game. The fast paced action and smooth soundtrack is phenomenal, but this game kicked my butt. As I started playing this game, I didn’t know what to expect. I went into it knowing little to nothing about this title, besides the fact that it is both difficult and addicting. I don’t usually enjoy difficult games… but I do enjoy addicting gameplay. Conflicted, I started up Hotline Miami and I was instantly confused, but vastly intrigued. It didn’t take long to pick up the pace, as I was killing and dying (mostly dying) at an alarming rate. HM is a very hard game, but it is possible to advance at a steady pace. By the time you get the hang out it, Hotline Miami already has you addicted. As I cleared level after level, I was rewarded with a great sense of achievement. I was having a blast, until I hit a level that I couldn’t beat. I died countless times on the stage where the police first make an appearance. I kept finding myself getting stuck between some sort of laser grid and a handful of cops gunning for my head. I had no defense or way out; I was trapped between the choice of dying by bullets or hot laser. It was beyond frustrating getting so far in the mission, only to get gunned down at the end of it. I gave up after trying over and over to succeed, but I still like the game. The fast paced and smooth gameplay along with the even smoother soundtrack make for a great game that deserves to be played by the gamers who enjoy a challenge and the ambiance of the 80’s.


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