Four Persona Games Coming in 2014


According to a few recent articles form, a slew of Persona games will hit the Japanese market in 2014. At a Persona event hosted by Atlus in Japan four different Persona games were announced to release in 2014. It looks like the four Persona games announced are all extremely different from one another. Two of the games will be coming exclusively to the Playstation 3, while the other two games will be exclusive to the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3ds respectively.

  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will release for the 3DS, it will be the first Persona game to ever hit a Nintendo console. The game features different graphics from the usual Persona style, but the excellent soundtrack and addictive gameplay that comes along with any Persona game seems to still be intact. According to the trailer of Persona Q, it is set to release in Japan on June, 5, 2013.
  • Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be an exclusive for the Playstation Vita, and it will be a rhythm/music game. Since Persona 4 Golden was such a big hit for the Vita, it is not surprising for Atlus to make another Persona title for the handheld. It might have been a shock to hear that it is a music/rhythm game, but it kind of makes sense if you think about it. The Persona series has always had such catchy and lively music featured in the core games, so why not capitalize on that?  P4: Dancing All Night is set to release in Japan in 2014.
  • Ready for the weirdest video game title you’ll ever hear? Coming to the Playstation 3, Persona 4: The Ulitmax Ultra Suplex Hold (say that five times fast) will hit the Playstation 3 in 2014 as well. After the surprisingly refined Persona 4: Arena that launched in 2012, P4: UUSH will be a direct follow-up for the popular fighting game.
  • The biggest announcement however, was Persona 5, which is coming to the Playstation 3. Persona 5 is slated to release in Japan in Winter 2014. Direct footage of this title wasn’t shown, but it might be safe to assume that the title will feature an entire new cast and story from previous games.

Not much more is known about these four titles, but I can imagine that Atlus has just made a lot of Persona fans super excited. As a big Persona fan, who has a PS3, PSV and a 3ds, I can’t contain my happiness right now.

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