Resogun Review


I’m beyond happy to admit that Resogun was the first Playstation 4 game I’ve ever played. I’m also proud to say that Resogun is the first game I’ve gotten the platinum trophy for on the PS4. I spent hours blasting my way through enemies Resogun is a fast paced addictive arcade shooter that impresses in almost every category that makes a video game great. It may be lacking in story, but a game that is blindingly fun doesn’t require a story. Resogun is all about gameplay. This arcade stick shooter doesn’t even attempt to have a narrative story, since it will only get in the way. With a fast paced game like this, cutscenes or unneeded dialog would just kill the pacing of the game. Instead, all you have is a main menu to view high scores, choose your ship, customize your options and to pick the stage. Besides the main menu, everything you see will probably blow up.

You control a ship and move around in a cylindrical arena with one task: survive. Enemy ships will come at you from every direction, but you can only shoot in front or behind you. You can’t shoot above or below, meaning you have to keep moving at all times. Mobility is key, and if you’re not moving that probably means you will die soon. At the start of every match you are given a task to “Save the last humans,” but this is more of an optional requirement. If you do save humans by destroying the green seekers that pop up on the map then bringing them to an escape pod, you are rewarded with shields, points extra lives or bombs. In order to clear a stage you must destroy enough enemies on the screen until the boss arrives. The five bosses of the five stages are all different, but sadly some are merely pushovers. With such a limited number of bosses you would hope that all five of them could hold their own.

As you play, your points will always be recorded. As you blow up your enemies, your score will keep going up. If you kill at a fast paced rate, you’ll get a nice multiplier bonus. If you die, or stop killing for a certain amount of time, you’ll lose your multiplier. Also, the higher your difficulty level is, the higher your multiplier score can get. This simple mechanic compliments Resogun’s break-neck pace as well as inspiring players to compete for high scores.

Don't panic, this isn't as bad of a situation as it looks

Don’t panic, this isn’t as bad of a situation as it looks

Weapons and Ships

Every ship comes with a set of weapons to use for survival: bombs, boost, guns and an overdrive system. The guns depend on what ship you pilot but they can all be upgraded by picking up power ups or saving humans. Automatic homing missiles, stronger lasers or a spread fire can be unlocked for your ship if you pick up said power-ups. The more humans you save or power-ups you pick up, will determine how strong your ship’s guns can be. Every ship also comes with a set of bombs, but be warned, they come in limited supply. Bombs can be used to clear the entire cylindrical stage of enemies besides bosses; the bombs are your strongest tool in your arsenal. However, the boost system of your ship is the most important since maneuvering is key in this game. In a fast paced game like this, you always have to be on your toes and be ready to make snap decisions. At times, you can’t rely on basic maneuvers to survive since you will get surrounded on occasion. This is where boosting comes in. While boosting, your ship plows through any enemy that stands in your path. At the end of your boost, your ship projects a small field of energy that blasts any surrounding foe. The duration of your boost is up to you as well as the ship you pilot. If you hold down the boost button, you’ll go further, but your boost will take longer to recharge so it isn’t recommended to use it all at once. Lastly, every ship comes with an overdrive system. When you activate overdrive, you become invincible to attacks and your ship emits a giant beam of energy to clear out enemy ships. Similar to the boost, activating overdrive Overdrive is rechargeable but not the same way as the boost is. While you simply have to wait for the boost to be recharged after use, you must collect green cubes of energy left by fallen opponents to recharge it. Again, the rate of charge and duration of overdrive depends on your ship.

Resogun only has three ships to pick from and pilot, but they aren’t just paint jobs. One ship, Ferox, is an all around ship with neutral stats, making it a good starting ship for beginners. Nemesis is a ship that specializes in maneuvering and boost power, but it sacrifices overall gun power. Nemesis is very mobile, but it will take more bullets to take down enemies. The third ship is called Phobos, and it is the exact opposite of Nemesis. Phobos has the worst speed stat of the three ships, but its overdrive and overall firepower is unmatched. Depending on your play style, you can choose which ship you want to try to get the high score with, so try to experiment with the three choices before you really dive into the experience.


The stats of the three ships you can pilot

Sounds, Controls and Visuals

“Only possible on the Playstation 4.” This is 100% true for this game. The particle effects of every explosion is extremely detailed. Sparks, cubes and debris will always liter the screen as long as you are shooting at something. Resogun is beauty personified in the art of explosions. Although the colors and explosions pop out as stunning, I can’t say the same for the backdrop of the stages. Sure, as you progress in a stage buildings in the background will also start to crumble, but most of the backdrops look to similar. This is just a small nitpick that most people probably won’t notice since there are so many magnificent explosions going off in battle.

The soundtrack of Resogun is indeed as fast paced as the gameplay. It is nothing spectacularly new, but it is fitting. There is one audio aspect of this game that I must point out, that is its use of the built in speaker of the Dualshock 4 controller. Since this was my first experience with the PS4, I was not expecting my controller to start speaking to me. I started my first level on Resogun and I was greeted with a voice coming out of my controller saying: “Save the last human.” Every match starts up like that, but the first time that it happened, I instantly fell in love with the game and the controller. It didn’t stop there either. Besides every game starting up with the “save the last human” line, the Dualshock 4 also informed me when I lost my multiplier, when seekers were detected and even when a human was in danger. This feature always kept me informed and alert, even when things got crazy. As weird as this may sound, it felt good to know that my controller was always there to help me out.I can’t wait to see how future games implement the controller’s speaker into the experience.


In-game, Resogun is gorgeous when it is in motion, and it always is in motion

Resogun is ridiculously fun. It is addicting and easily accessible to anyone who want to pick up the controller and play. Whether you try to beat all the levels on all of the difficulties, go for the highest score possible or try to go for the platinum trophy like I did, Resogun has an insane amount of replay value. Innovative, fun and beautiful; this is a good way to usher in a new generation of gaming. You’ve been warned, once you get into Resogun, it’ll be hard to get out.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10


+Extremelyy fast paced gaming

+The higher the difficulty, the better the game gets

+Visuals never disappoint

+Excellent use of the Dualshock 4’s built in speaker

-Some bosses are easier than others

-Only five stages

-Stages tend to look a bit similar

Visuals: 9/10

Audio: 9/10

Gameplay: 9.75/10

Lasting Appeal: 10/10

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