Project Philosophy (Poem)


You say you’re Zeus, but Gods don’t get infections

You’re going to heaven? Someone gave you the wrong directions

You’re a human you have many imperfections

You might want to go back to school to make a few corrections

We are both human, we are both flawed

You say you’re a God, you’re a fraud

You’re just a slave trapped in Plato’s cave

Destined to see illusions until you’re in the grave

You’re contradicting Aristotle’s theory of the soul

Because you have a heart, but you have no soul

You show no compassion, colder than the North Pole

Not to be racist, but you are nothing but a black asshole

Locke had a theory of the nature of the mind at birth

When you’re put on this earth you’re born with a certain worth

So what gives you the right to ride everyone like a girth?

I think you need to get off your high horse and experience rebirth

So if you’re really a God as you say

Imitate a phoenix and fly the hell away

But since you’re not Zeus

Let me enlighten you as to why you are just a man named Bruce


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