The Abysmal Train Wreck That Was VGX

VGX (1)
My goodness. That was horrible. Year after year gamers have tuned into the VGAs hoping for a standard video game award show. And year after year, the VGAs disappoint. This year, the show was renamed “VGX” in celebration of its tenth anniversary. But when your show is barely watchable, what exactly are you celebrating? Mediocrity? Besides the announcements the show had, there was no reason to tune in and watch such shovel ware. The show was plagued by stereotypes, crummy hosts and utterly boring segments.

First off, Joel McHale and Geoff Keighley were atrocious hosts. I expected better from Keighley, since he does these kinds of things for a living. He knows the video game industry, he is apart of Gametrailers, but yet, he acted like a complete tool. He said a lot of off-hand comments and made unnecessary jokes that were completely uncalled for. Nevertheless, Geoff was a saint compared to McHale. Insults to developers, insults to viewers and insults to gamers. He spent the entire show making comments about “nerd things”, weed, and cramps. When your host is making ridiculous comments to a head honcho from Nintendo, it is time to pull the plug.

The “announcements” were mostly trailers for previously announced titles. Besides Telltale’s announcements for Borderlands and Game of Thrones, nothing was surprising, nothing was interesting. It was a dull show… AND IT WAS THREE HOURS LONG! Off-hand remarks to developers, no blockbuster trailers and a lack of actual awards. Oh god.. the awards. I almost forgot that this was supposed to be an award show. I can remember seeing three awards, and I agreed with one of them. Now, I’m not saying that my opinion on who should have won is correct, but their choices were wrong. Assassin’s Creed IV beat out The Last of Us and GTA V for best adventure game… AC IV is an excellent game but come on. TLOU told one of the best stories ever and GTA V is just oodles of fun. GTA V then beat out The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Super Mario 3D World and Bioshock Infinite for game of the year. So if GTA V is the game of the year, how did it lose to AC IV in the adventure category? Besides that glaring contradiction, it all seemed so orchestrated around Gran Theft Auto. Hell, they even had a GTA V concert showcasing the soundtrack of the game.

My brain is still recovering from listening to gutter trash, so I apologize if my writing  may seem a bit off. I’m just glad that this wasn’t on live TV so people don’t think gamers act the way McHale and Keighley did. Until the day we gamers get an actual award show, we’ll have to put up with the VGAs. God help us all.


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