CBN’s Top 5 Video Game Sidekicks of 2013

Sidekicks have been the unsung heroes for decades. They often live in the shadows of bigger characters, but the best ones do not care. They never fail to support the lead emotionally or physically. What ever the main hero needs, the sidekick supplies. In video games, the player sometimes grow attached to the buddy of the main character since they are technically supporting you, the player. Sidekicks are the ones who keep things humorous and lighthearted. They keep the main character sane and alive. These are the video game sidekicks of 2013.
*Mild spoilers follow*

#5 Franklin

Sidekick to Michael in Grand Theft Auto V


Let’s be honest shall we; out of the three main characters in Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin is the one most qualified to fit the term “sidekick.” Trevor is a psychopath that take orders from no one, Michael calls the shots and Franklin follows the pack. Franklin is trying to obtain a better life, by any means necessary. Frank quickly attached himself to Mike since he knows that Michael has the means to a successful life in a corrupt world. Michael thinks of Frank as a son that he wants to nurture and train to become successful in this line of “business.” Franklin is the guy who’d you want covering your back if you were to rob a bank; loyal, ruthless and strong.

#4  Aiden 

Sidekick to Jodie Holmes in Beyond Two Souls

Aiden- Bts

You only see Aiden briefly in Beyond Two Souls, but you always feel his presence. Aiden is a spiritual entity tied to Jodie, who is always watching over Jodie like an older brother. Sometimes to a fault, Aiden will do anything he can to protect Jodie from the outside world, whether she wants him to or not. The bond between Jodie and Aiden isn’t physical but you can feel the relationship evolve over time. Jodie has always been attached to Aiden, who has helped her cause mischief and mayhem wherever she goes. There are times where Jodie doesn’t want to be attached to Aiden, but Aiden seems to never stop caring about her; a great quality for a spiritual sidekick.

#3 Elizabeth 

Sidekick to Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite


A woman of mystery and whimsy. Elizabeth is introduced as a damsel in distress, but she is far from it. She is strong and quirky, but yet serious and determined. Elizabeth helps Booker out by throwing him money, ammo, and health when he needs it. She saved me personally as I constantly ran out of bullets and she would promptly throw me some ammo. She also can open rifts in space itself when the situation calls for it; a handy ability for your average adventurer. Elizabeth actually manages to outshine the main protagonist Booker DeWitt. She is mystifying and magical, which makes here a great sidekick; and a great character overall.

#2 Ellie 

Sidekick to Joel in The Last of Us


Ellie was the winner of CBN’s female video game character of 2013, and she was close to winning this category as well. Remember when The Last of Us was first shown off at E3, and Ellie threw that brick at that one guy? That was when I knew she won’t be some girl you’d have to keep a close eye on so she wouldn’t die. Ellie can more than handle herself, but what makes her a good sidekick is her personality. Just like Joel’s daughter, Ellie had a certain charm with her witty lines. Heck, she even came prepared with her very own joke book. Strong, funny and human; the perfect sidekick in a post apocalyptic world.

#1 Mr.Drippy 

Sidekick to Oliver in Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch


Back in January of 2013, I knew Mr. Drippy would be a contender for sidekick of the year. I even wrote that in my review of the game. Mr. Drippy is a fairy who oozes charm and wit every time he speaks with that fluffy accent of his. Originally, Drippy was given to Oliver as a doll by his Ollie’s mother to protect and watch over him. After certain events, Mr. Drippy comes to life and takes form as Oliver’s greatest companion. Always by his side, Drippy provides unwavering support for the young boy. Mr. Drippy is the best video game sidekick of 2013.


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