Video Gamer Diary: Don’t Starve [Part 3 of 3]

After playing a quick round of Don’t Starve on my Playstation 4, I fell in love with the seemingly raw survival gameplay. The game doesn’t hold your hand and you must figure out your own way to survive. I thought it would be fun to document my playthrough of the game, but with a little imaginative twist. I like to come up with my own narrative when I play games like this, since it leaves interpretation up to the player. So I’m going to act like I’m actually in the game, in the situation, trying to survive. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, if you have access to a Playstation 4 or a PC I strongly hope that this influences you to try the game out for yourself. This will be a three part series with parts one and two already posted.


Day 9

I gotta be honest, I’m surprised I’ve survived this long.

I’m back in the territory where the bird creature attacked me yesterday. Okay, so I noticed the creature had an egg in a nest not too far away from it. How a walking eyeball can lay an egg I don’t know, but I’m stealing that damn egg today. Out of revenge and spite, I’ll steal the egg and crack it open and devour it. It will be glorious. Here I go.

Ahhh damn, the eyeball bird thing had a friend. Just when I was about to grab the egg another bird eyeball came after me. He was a fast one too… Gah, so much for revenge. I ran back into the forest nibbling on a carrot. It is still raining… That is what’s bothering me the most. I’m always wet. My clothes have been wet for days and I think I feel a cold coming on. The last thing I need right now is to get sick.

I decided to go in a new direction, start plotting out uncharted territory.

Another dead end. I’m really stuck on this island. God.

Nightfall is quickly approaching… After getting chased by some spiders, I find myself on a plot of land with nothing but brown grass. I might have stumbled upon a swamp… I see a frog… What does a frog taste like? Time to find out.

Ahhh damn it! The frog freaking attacked me. Why the hell am I running from a frog?! Wait he has friends! Where did all of these frogs come from?

I’m currently writing this down while being chased by frogs that are the size of a small dog. Wait… Haha… No way… A frog just fell out of the sky. I shit you not. It is raining frogs and they all want me dead for some reason. If it is raining frogs, where the hell do I set up camp for the night. IS there no safe haven on this wicked island? GAH! I was almost struck by lightning. Right in front of me, lightning just hit a tree.

After a while I’ve noticed that the frogs stopped falling from the sky. Well, at least I can build a fire for the night. It is still raining (Normal rain drops, thank God) so I have to constantly drop logs on the fire to keep it burning.

A frog has appeared by my fire… It hasn’t approached me yet… It’s just watching me. A have my spear in my hand ready for action, but neither of us have moved in hours. We stare at each other for the entire night.

This island. Killer frogs falling from the sky, walking eyeball birds, pigmen… Wonder-bar.

Day 10

The frog is still here watching me. IT IS STILL RAINING. My supply of carrots are running dangerously low. I need to explore for food, for shelter, for SOMETHING today. i take one more look at the frog and jet away from it.

So, now I’ve stumbled upon a civilization of pigmen. They have a fort. It seems as if they have chopped down an entire forest to create pillars of wood to fortify this giant structure. It is blocking the my path… I wonder if they’ll let me stay… Well I’ll just tell them I know Jeff and I’m sure they’ll let me stay right? Heh, even I can’t believe my own lies anymore. I can’t kill all of them, so the violent approach is out of the question. I could try to run through it to the other side if they aren’t friendly… Alright let’s do this. A eat one of my carrots and step in.

“Stay you may not.” I heard one of the pigmen mutter this to me as every single pig charged me. I managed to get to the other side unharmed physically. Mentality and emotionally though… Ha.

Oh great, another pig society. No fort though. I might as well approach em right? At this point, why the hell not?

Well luckily, these guys are alright. They pretty much ignore me. It is going to get dark soon so I set up camp next to the pigmen’s houses. They won’t let me stay inside. It’s fine though, I’ve gotten used to sleeping outside… In the rain.

It still not dark out so I decide to chop down a few trees for firewood. I move away from the pig houses into a near by forest. I’ve managed to chop down a few trees, but it’ll be night soo– I must be crazy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. A tree has started walking. The lack of sleep is getting to me I guess. I’m seeing things… Maybe I’ll get some sleep back at camp with all of those pigmen nearby… I rub my eyes. Nope. That tree has arms and legs. Fuck it. I’m out.

I run back to the pig houses and stay by my fire for the rest of the night. I’m done cutting down trees.

Day 11

Ha frogs… Freaking frogs. This is how I start my day. It’s raining frogs again. I get up from my fire and start to move… The pigmen have emerged from their houses. Amazing. The pigs are fighting off the frogs. Haha, what a sight. I grab my ax to help the pigs… Nope. The freaking tree is here. The walking tree has come to the pig village. The pigs have started to pound on the tree with their fists, but in one swipe, the treeman mauls two pigmen. They are dead. That was all I needed to see. Once again, I flee the scene. Frogs vs. Pigs featuring the giant treeman. Hahahahaha. Priceless… Just in case if you think I’m actually enjoying this, let me be 1000000 percent clear. I’ve pissed myself. I’m a bystander that has stumbled upon a war that I wasn’t aware of. This isn’t fun or amusing. I’m terrified that I’m going to die and I’m writing sarcastically in this journal as I flee the scene in order to keep myself somewhat sane.

Okay, I still hear the footsteps of the tree and the squeals of the dying pigs … Is the treeman following me? Have I upset it because I cut down a few trees for my survival? If he was in my position he’d have done the same. I don’t understand why he is so mad…

I’ve stumbled upon some sort of blue land. As I approach it, a tentacle emerged up from the ground. I- have no choice. The tree is behind me. I scream as I run across the blue tinted tentacle field. I’m going to die here. The tentacles pull at my legs and arms. I almost dropped my journal but managed to hold on and pull myself free.

I made it across, but I think I have a few broken limbs. I eat all of my remaining carrots, because I just don’t care  anymore.

Birds and shadows pass me by as I sit on an empty plot of brown land. No trees nearby, no pigmen, frogs, eyeball birds, nothing except me and the dirt. Actually, I can see the ocean from here. I try to stare at the rushing water, but every shadow and bird that flies by manages to startle me. My brain is slowly deteriorating. Can you blame me? It was raining frogs not to long ago. I’m gonna stay here tonight. It is peaceful here.

Something is watching me from the water… I turn around from the ocean and stare at my fire.

The rain stopped. Finally. Thank God… I was getting tired of… snow. It has started snowing. That’s it. That’s probably the thing that will kill me. Freezing to death when I run out of fire wood in the morning. That’s if I make it to morning… I’m starting to see shadows in the distance. Actually, I hear them too. So what will it be gentlemen? What will be my cause of death? The weather? The trees? A walking eyeball? Pigs and frogs? Or something completely new? Let’s find out.

By the way, if you are reading this, it means I’ve died. No doubt about it. It also means that you will die as well. This island is brutal. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE. One way or another, you’ll die.

Day 12

My vision is blurry… I’m still seeing shadows. I’ve lost my grip on reality. I’m shivering, my arms are weak. My fingers are bleeding… I think. Some sort of warm liquid is covering my fingers but I can’t tell what color it is. Everything seems… gray. I quit. I’m jut going to keep walking straight forward until I’m rescued by some helicopter or boat or shadow… Yeah that’ll work.

A dog? Yeah, I see a little puppy. Three of em… Oh what sharp teeth they ha

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