Flashback Backlog- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Well Playstation Plus, ya done it again. You’ve given me yet another amazing game that I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to experience otherwise. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is simple, yet beautiful. It is a short adventure game of the highest degree that will leave you with a hole in your heart. Brothers is a three-hour long video game but has the effect of a three hundred page book. It may have the visuals of a kids tale, but trust me, this is the opposite of a traditional fairy tale. This had to be the most somber video game I’ve ever played. The story follows two brothers who are on a quest to… You know what? I won’t even try to describe the story or its plot because that would be an insult to the game’s masterful storytelling. Trust me, just play the damn game. I haven’t said a word after completing the game’s second to last chapter (which is kind of fitting, since  the game doesn’t have any dialog and doesn’t need it). The controls may be a little wonky and hard to grasp at first and the frame-rate may dip once or twice but try to ignore those problems and get lost in a story that will make you feel emotions you haven’t felt in a long time. Once again, I find myself glad to be a gamer. If I wasn’t, I’d be missing out on some of the greatest stories ever told in any form of media.

I strongly recommend Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to folks who:

Cried at the end of Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Has a brother

Has a beating heart

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