Living in Siberia (A.K.A New York City After The Blizzard)

Seeing someone slip on ice and almost fall is hilarious, but if you’re the one who slips it is terrifying. Like, every part of your being focuses solely on balance. When you see someone slip and fall directly in your radius, you wonder if you should leave them in their shame or help them pick their life back up. Most likely, you don’t want to help them but you do anyway because it is “right.” Me, I probably wouldn’t help them. I’d keep walking and pretend I didn’t see sh*t. That’s what I would want if I fell; an opportunity to pick myself back up. With that being said, I almost dislocated my hip slipping on this freaking ice today.

I’m switching my major to whatever major people need to take to become an astronaut, because I’m leaving this frozen tundra of a planet.

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