Lovesick Melody: My First CrushCrushCrush

It’s Valentine’s Day, so let me tell you a love story with a terrible ending.

Back in elementary school, I used to hang out with a fine little ray of sunshine, a girl who I probably shouldn’t name. I can’t really recall how we met exactly, but I remember that I thought of her as my best friend.We’d hang out and talk about our teachers, classmates and blow bubbles in front of my house on the weekends… You know, stupid kiddie stuff. Me and her were inseparable. Her dad would often drive me back home, me and her would make jokes in the back seat.

I remember this one time, she’d taken my pencil from my desk in class. I got really mad at her (Most kids are pretty possessive). I was almost yelling at her to give it back, and I guess she got kinda mad too, so she threw the pencil back at me… Almost taking out my eye. We didn’t talk for the rest of the school day, which was really counter-productive since we were doing a group project together. Later that day we were in her dad’s car and something really funny happened. I can’t exactly remember what happened, but we both almost died of laughter. We immediately stopped being mad at each other and starting talking and joking again. We couldn’t even say mad at each other for more than six hours; it was sublime.

I have a few memories of me and her, but nothing beats that memory of us blowing bubbles. It may sound stupid, but that is the fondest memory of my childhood. I didn’t know it at the time since I was a kid, but it was beyond special. Of course, I didn’t have any real feelings for her at the time, but now… I don’t know. She moved to Connecticut or some other far off land, before we graduated. After she said goodbye, her dad drove her away and I never saw her again.

I still think about her occasionally, and it kills me. I got choked up a few times while writing this… What would have been if she didn’t move? Would we still be friends? Every time I see some childhood love story in video games, movies and Television shows, I think of her. I don’t usually name people specifically in my writing… But damn it, Abigail Gibson, I miss you. Somehow, I hope this message reaches you one day, even though you might not even remember me. Hell, I don’t even know if you’re alive. I don’t want anything specifically from you Abigail, I just would love to know you’re living a good life.

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