Winning a Bet: Uconn beats Kentucky

Writer for this website, Willie Santana lost a bet against another writer for this website, me, Sadaka Waite, regarding the winner of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  Back when the Final Four competitors were Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Florida, Mr. Santana bet Florida would win it all. They did not. The Florida Gators didn’t even make it to the final game, Kentucky and Connecticut did. I bet that Kentucky would win it all back in the final four… But as you know, they lost to Uconn. Kentucky got farther than Florida, so I won the bet by default. As you probably know, betting suggests that you’re putting something on the line to show how strongly you believe something will happen. So what did Willie risk by betting me, a future evil villain? HIS SOUL. Muahahahahaha, I now have the ability to control Willie’s thoughts, actions and emotions; he isn’t to happy right now. Don’t weep for Willie, he knew what he was risking and he’ll get a chance to win his mind back… next year, during the next NCAA tourney.

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