Ranking the Cast of Final Fantasy X


In every RPG, the cast of characters are arguably the most important element of the game. Final Fantasy X is no exception, as you spend thirty plus hours with these characters. I’m not a big fan of FFX’s cast of characters, which probably influenced me to dislike the game overall. The characters and script were a bit too awkward for me personally, but a lot of people dig that weirdness. Regardless, I had my favorite character of the bunch and decided to make a list ranking the party characters. Enjoy! (Also, beware of spoilers!)

7. Wakka

ffx wakka

Damn, I hate Wakka. He’s the most dense blitzball in all of Spira. Wakka never seemed to grasp the situation that they were in. He was always spewing crap about “the teachings” every time the group was forced to do something radical. Wakka did this through the entire game and never had much character development. He went along with the group, but always complained. If he hated it so much, why didn’t he leave?

6. Tidus

ffx tidus

One of the worst main characters I’ve dealt with in a video game. Granted, I wasn’t in the game to personally deal with Tidus, but at times it felt like I was standing with the party listening to Tidus’ self-centered crap. Often did he repeat “This is my story,” when it clearly wasn’t. This was THEIR story. Mainly Yuna and Tidus’ yes, but it was a story about this group of friends trying to save the world. Tidus never grasped that as a summoner, Yuna was more important than him and everyone in the party had a role in the story. Also, if you have to say this is your story, chances are it is not your story and your trying too hard to demand the spotlight.

5. Rikku

ffx rikku

I don’t have an opinion when it comes to Rikku. She’s just there most of the time. She never said anything that made me want to throw her off of a mountain but at the same time she didn’t do anything that made me appreciate her character. She was just there. She didn’t do much in battles either. I just used her to steal stuff from enemies, since she never killed anyone. Maybe it was my fault; maybe I didn’t level her up properly, but still, she was the most neutral character in the party.

4. Kimahri

ffx Kimahri

The silent warrior of the group. Kimahri didn’t say a word until the second quarter of the game. When he did actually say something, I was as shocked as Tidus. I assumed he either couldn’t talk or he took some sort of vow of silence. But no, he just spoke when he needed to. Which means he never said anything annoying or unnecessary like Tidus or Wakka. Kimahri was the ultimate body guard.

3. Lulu

ffx lulu

Oh Lulu, you’ve saved me by exploiting the elemental weaknesses of various enemies. Lulu was my go-to character when I needed to take down a boss with an elemental weakness. Countless times she was the catalyst to my success. It also didn’t hurt that she was absolutely gorgeous. My only qualm with her is the fact that she married Wakka… ugh.

2. Auron

ffx auron

Before playing FF X, I knew Auron from Kingdom Hearts 2. At the time, to me Auron was just that cool dude who hung out in the underworld with Hades. Now I understand that the guy was dead the entire time. So in two games, Auron was in my party, but I was unaware that he was technically a dead guy. How cool is that? Something kept Auron attached to his world, so he couldn’t leave until his task was finished. He gave his life and afterlife to two different summoners to save Spira. Auron, you’re my God damn hero.

1. Yuna

ffx yuna

It is hard to explain why I liked Yuna the best, especially after describing Auron, but she is the best. This was her story, but she never demanded the spotlight. As a summoner, her job was to save Spira by summoning the last Aeon to defeat Sin. With a premise like that, she could easily shine as the main character, but she never made everything about herself, even though she was planning to give up her life. She’d do anything for her people. Anything, except giving up the lives of her guardians and friends. I guess that’s why I liked her character so much. Above all else, Yuna cared about the people around her, more than anything.


2 thoughts on “Ranking the Cast of Final Fantasy X

  1. For me Auron was the best character by a country mile. Lulu and Rikku were nice eye candy. I agree that Tidus is one of the worst main characters in FF ever. What a let down after following the charismatic Zidane.

    • Lulu ❤ haha. Yeah, since this was only my second Final Fantasy game, I was disappointed with the main character being so… Tidus.

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