Game of Thrones: “First of His Name” Reaction & Takeaways

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*Spoilers after the jump*

Finally! I’ve been waiting for an episode where Hodor took center stage (No sarcasm at all). Bran was forced to take over Hodor’s body once again with his powers, to escape from his captors. Bran used Hodor to snap Locke’s neck like a twig. After Bran released him from his possession, Hodor saw the dead body, the blood on his hands and sorted out what he did. Hodor may be a simpleton, but he isn’t stupid. I was surprised he didn’t break down in a fit right there, but he kept it together to save his companions. Hopefully, we’ll see some sort of ramification of Bran using Hodor to his advantage.

Besides Bran using Hodor to Hodor, we were treated to some very interesting knowledge about Littlefinger and Lady Arryn. Turns out, Lady Arryn poisoned her husband Jon Arryn because of Littlefinger. If you weren’t sure if Littlefinger wasn’t the shadiest dude on the planet before, it should be pretty clear now. In case you forgot, Jon Arryn was the Hand of King Robert Baratheon before Ned Stark got the job. This crafty shyster literally set the series of Game of Thrones in motion. Not only is he climbing the ladder out of the chaos, he built the chaos itself. The Spider was right; Littlefinger is the most dangerous man in all of the realm. Good luck to one of the unluckiest people in the realm, Sansa Stark, to put up with Lady Arryn’s insanity, Littlefinger’s chaos and Robin Arryn’s love for “making things fly.”

Back in King’s Landing, Cersei had a few conversations with a couple of people. First, she had a brief moment to talk to Margery to see where things stand between the two. Cersei asked Margery if she still wanted to be Queen, and Margery wrongfully lied to Cersei. I like Margery, and she is a good player in the so-called-game, but she needs to realize who she can fool, and who she CAN’T fool. After that, Cersei went to talk to her father about Tommen’s upcoming wedding, her own upcoming wedding, Tyrion’s upcoming trial and the current state of the throne. It is no mystery that Cersei doesn’t love the Tyrells, but since the Lannisters are dead broke, she has no choice but to play ball for the good of the family, and the good of the realm. Cersei’s last conversation was between herself and the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell. In case you forgot, Cersei’s daughter is still in Dorne thanks to Tyrion. So she sort of did a little checking up on her daughter through the price of Dorne, Oberyn. It wasn’t a lengthy conversation, but it is nice to be reminded about Cersei’s beloved daughter.

Favorite Line:

Tywin: “I didn’t like your first husband. Use to pat me on the back a lot… I didn’t trust him.”

Other Notes:

  • Arya has been paired with many older gentlemen with some sort of knowledge about the world around her. Syrio, Tywin and The Hound. Whether if Arya likes him or not, she is learning a lot from the Hound’s brutal, non-honorable way of doing things.
  • Once again, we were so close to a reunion between the Stark kids, but it didn’t happen. Both Jon and Bran are in two different places with different missions, so them reuniting would work against them.
  • Last week I said I was looking forward to the adventures of Pod and Brienne, while I did enjoy their bonding conversation, I don’t see how that story-line will keep me interested. They are looking for Sansa, who we know is in the Vale, so they won’t find her going to Castle Black. I’m curious to know what they plan to do to keep us invested in their journey.
  • Looks like the mother of dragons isn’t yet ready to set her sights to Westeros. She doesn’t want to abandon the former slaves of Meereen, since they could fall victim to slavery again. Dany wants to be a ruler who can actually change and solve the problem, instead of just conquering it with fire and ice.

It’s hard to believe that this was the fifth episode to the season, with only five remaining now. This episode sort of recapped a few problems that may have been forgotten, before new ones come about. We haven’t seen much of Tyrion this half of the season, but I assume he will get a lot of screen-time starting next week with his trial coming up.

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