Game of Thrones: “Mockingbird” Reaction & Takeaways


*Spoilers after the jump*

This is Littlefinger’s season. Littlefinger has stolen this season away with his masterful plotting and scheming. We haven’t seen him this influential in the series since his betrayal of Ned Stark back in season one. From behind the scenes he has done so much, even though he has no power in his house. He claims no titles or land by birthright, but he has just put himself in a position to take over the Vale. He was married to Lysa, who has made a rather dramatic exit thanks to Littlefinger’s careful actions. So now, Littlefinger controls the Vale until Robin comes of age. And lets not forget that he has a crucial piece in controlling the North entirely: Sansa Stark. Poor Sansa. It seems like she’ll always be used as a pawn in this game. If Cersei is the mother of madness, Littlefinger is the Father of Chaos. How cruel was it for him to say the only one he loved was her sister Cat before pushing her out the moon door? I wonder how Robin will feel about this. Sadness over the death of his mother, disappointment that he didn’t get to see her fly, or will the sick child go unaffected by her death.

Besides Littlefinger, another unlikely character stole the show in this episode; and his name is Hot Pie! I grinned the second he turned around to boast about his cooking skills, then I started rolling in laughter when he sat down at Brienne’s and Pod’s table to go further into detail about his culinary skills. How could you not like this kid? Hot Pie came, saw, dropped some much-needed info about Arya on Brienne and then left… give him an Emmy. Also, the kid can bake a mean Direwolf now.

Lastly, the other big moment of the episode was Oberyn becoming Tyrion’s champion. Tyrion was rightfully turned down by his brother Jaime, since he can barely hold a sword properly with his left hand. Then he was turned down by his former champion and friend Bronn because Bronn gains nothing from fighting the Mountain for Tyrion. Bronn has gold, and is apparently marrying some high-born. Tyrion with his back against the wall was visited by Oberyn Martell, who told him the story about the first time they met. Visiting King’s Landing, Oberyn was told about the monster child Tyrion, who had a tail, one red-eye and claws. And when Oberyn finally saw Tyrion, he just seemed like a normal baby. Who told Oberyn this story? Why, nobody else besides the girl who would grow up to be the mother of madness, Cersei. I understand that her mother died in childbirth, but to almost rip off your baby brother’s man parts is just downright sinister. Regardless, we now have the dreamed match-up of the Prince of Dorne vs. The Mountain. Will Oberyn get his revenge for his dead sister? Will Tyrion face execution or be set free thanks to his champion? Will Tywin continue to get everything he wants? To find out, tune in next time, to Dragonball Z!  😉

Favorite Line:

Hot Pie: “It’s all in the gravy.”

Other Notes:

  • The Night’s watch and the Melisandre’s scenes were pretty much throw away scenes, to remind viewers that they exist. Nothing really occurred in these scenes to help move the story forward.
  • The wolf and the Hound chronicles continue. The Hound’s awesome reaction from getting bitten by Biter was truly awesome; he just snapped his neck while Biter was still on his shoulder. “The f*** you doin’?”  And don’t forget about Arya’s coolness either (As if you could forget by now). Arya added a name to her list, then swiftly crossed it out two seconds later. The Wolf and the Hound par is easily my favorite pairing in the series so far.
  •   Dany needs to get her sh*t sorted out and get to Westros. I know that’s not gonna happen soon, but her scenes are getting a bit tiresome. I enjoy watching her liberate slaves and build her legacy piece by piece, but it seems like she loses sight of the bigger picture her. She can’t possibly hope to rule all of Westros, Meereen and Slaver’s Bay, right?

Two weeks until the next GoT episode, so I might throw a few people out of the moon door to entertain myself until then.

3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: “Mockingbird” Reaction & Takeaways

  1. Bruh. The kid goin in on his cooking skills. I swear I got a migraine but I couldn’t help but laugh at him. I want to turn what he said about gravy into one of those iconic lines. It was classic. Arya and The Hound being badass finally. Littlefinger is creepy as hell. Sansa is like 15 and he’s using her as a replacement for his first love, her mother.

    • I wonder if Littlefinger kissed Sansa because he KNEW Lysa was watching, causing her to freak out on Sansa, giving him a opening to murder her. That would be amazing! But still, kissing your wife’s niece while in love with her dead mother is just plain weird… Not weirder than the Lannisters though.

      • It would be something this conniving and highly intelligent dude would do. Lol “Least he’s not as bad as a Lannister”. They are epitome of what’s wrong with family relations.

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