Predicting the 2014 NBA Finals (Spurs vs. Heat)

NBA Playoffs 2014

Well, here we are. With the NBA Playoffs coming to a close, the Miami Heat are set to face the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals. My predictions for the third round of the playoffs were 50-50; I predicted that the Spurs would lose to the Thunder, but I also selected the Heat to win over the Pacers in six games. With my predictions being hit or miss thus far, I have no confidence that I’ll get this prediction right. It doesn’t matter really, since I’m not a professional or expert, I’m just doing these predictions for the fun of it. So here it goes: I predict that the Miami Heat will lose in seven games to the Spurs.

I have no doubt that this will be a great series and a good end to the season, but admittedly, I am a tad bias towards the Heat. I don’t like them, but that is not the reason I think they will lose the series. I think they will lose because of Ray Allen’s three-pointer in last year’s game 6. I saw the highlight get replayed on ESPN recently, and I felt the Spurs’ heart sink yet again, even though that happened over a year ago. No doubt that cast of players on the Spurs haven’t forgotten that shot, and in fact, that has probably made them stronger. The Heat created their own worst enemy last year by winning that series so dramatically, because revenge can fuel the human spirit to overcome the impossible. The Spurs will watch the tape from last year and when they see that three by Ray Allen, they will hate it with a passion. They will remember what that felt like and then they will go out on June 5th and make a statement. However, the second I see Ray Allen open for a three I’m going to scream silently at the Spurs. I’ve always wondered why players/teams would leave Ray Allen, the best three-point shooter of all-time wide open. If he got open because of a good play, then that’s understandable. But if he is open for no reason, then I will denounce the Spurs’ potential to win the series if they start making faux paus like that.

Quite honestly, I’m think the Spurs will win the series, but I have little interest in the series itself. I’m more interested to watch the online war between the Heat fans and the Spurs fans. I’ll be watching the social media sites to see how far the fans will go to defend their team while slandering the other.


I found this on Twitter. Smoothest poster for a sporting event I’ve ever seen.

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