Child of Light [Quick] Review

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Child of Light is one of those games that boasts an art style that can last for a lifetime. You can play Child of Light twenty years from now and still be awed at the wonderfully aesthetic artwork. In my opinion, this is the best quality of Child of Light. This RPG has a ten hour main story with a basic combat system that doesn’t get in the way of your overall experience of the game, which is good, but it does limit your enjoyment of the video game itself.

Child of Light’s combat system is simplistic, so almost anyone can pick it up and play. However, it isn’t as easy enough to for players to keep mashing on button to attack. You have to constantly watch you health, when you can attack and when your opponent can attack. The time between your attacks can be a drag, but you can increase the speed of the active time battles in the options menu. Fighting different types of enemies will keep you on your toes, and bosses will provide an ample challenge. After a while though, the combat isn’t exciting enough to stay fresh for the entire game. In the final few hours of my playthrough, I was avoiding combat all together instead of seeking it out, like I was doing at the beginning of the game.

My other minor gripe with this game was its story. It wasn’t a bad tale, it was just a lot more straight forward than I would have hoped. There was a surprising twist in the middle of the game, but after that, the game kind of went in one general direction. That would usually be fine with me, but the side characters who were presented to have an interesting story of their own never got much of a conclusion. I get that this is a short JRPG, but the end to the side character’s stories were a bit abrupt. The main character Aurora has a good overall story, but it is all just sort of standard. Not every game can reinvent the wheel of storytelling, I just felt as if this story relied on the wheel a bit too much.

Click the image above for my Child of Light Image Gallery

Click the image above for my Child of Light Image Gallery

All of the dialog in Child of Light is written in iambic pentameter, meaning that it is in a rhyming poetry-like format. This gives the game even more of an artistic tone to it, accompanied with its soft and wonderful soundtrack. Everything about Child of Light’s presentation is simple, but sophisticated. It combines poetry, a symphony and painting to create a moving work of art with a voice.

Despite my minor gripes against Child of Light, it is a beautiful standard JRPG that benefits from a short run-time. If it were longer, the combat and story could have gotten a bit rotten, which would hurt the game greatly.  Its ten hour run-time is perfectly fitting for an artistic video game with basic RPG rules.

Timeless art style- Visuals: 10/10

Soft tunes to fit the mood of the game- Audio: 9/10

A Light vs. Dark story presented in an artistic way- Story & Presentation: 8/10

A basic Turn-based RPG affair- Gameplay: 7/10

The art style lasts a lifetime, but gameplay is standard- Lasting Appeal: 8/10

Overall: 8.5 out of 10 


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