E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference Recap & Reactions


Ubisoft continued its trend by ending the conference with a big reveal. And thank goodness it did, because before the reveal of Rainbow Six: Siege, the conference was subpar. Ubisoft showed off previously announced titles and one new Kinect game for the Xbox One. Even though The Division and Assassin’s Creed Unity had a good showing, Far Cry 4 and Valiant Hearts were the standout games for me.

Far Cry 4 looks like it will have some awesome characters and graphics, and Valiant Hearts seems to want to tear your emotions out of your esophagus. The Crew looks good, but it is hard to get really excited for a racing game. Shape Up and Just Dance was there for the casual market, and The Division and Rainbow Six made an appeal for the shooter fans. I have a problem with showing demos for multiplayer games, because they are always so scripted, and don’t represent the actual experience. Just like Battlefield: Hardline, those games will never be that organized. And it is always awkward watching a motion control game being played in front of a large crowd of people who are hardly interested in casual games.    

A demo for Assassin’s Creed games will always look similar, because they all have the same beginning, middle and ending. The character stands over a city, the guy then climbs around a few buildings and the character assassinates a person and the camera zooms out. This formula was used for Unity, and it highlighted improvements as well as some of the same problems the series has. Free-running and platforming looks very smooth compared to previous AC games, but the combat and mission structure looks the same. Hopefully the game can add some new side missions to keep the game fresh, but the combat system still looks as slow and clunky as ever.

Another problem I have with Ubisoft’s press conferences is their host… I won’t say much about Ms. Tyler, but Ubisoft’s conferences are always awkward as hell because of her jokes. And why must every host have to come out and start by emphasizing how much they love games? It takes up time and if you really love video games, your enthusiasm for games should be obvious to the viewer without you having to explain your enthusiasm for games. Nevertheless, Ubisoft had a couple of good games, but not a very exciting conference. The event was pretty uneventful and weirdly paced.

Games shown:

Far Cry 4

Just Dance 2015

The Division

The Crew

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Shape Up

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Rainbow Six: Siege

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