Game of Thrones: “The Watchers on the Wall” Reaction & Takeaways

got watchers

We don’t leave until this is finished.

*Spoilers after the jump*

First off, to anyone who reads this on a regular basis (if anyone), I apologize for being super late on this one. I was caught up with E3 coverage the whole week and I’m finally getting a chance to write this. Now, without further ado, THOSE GIANTS! Gah, when that giant pulled out his over-sized arrow and shot one of the watchers on the wall, I nearly jumped off of my bed into the TV screen. The episode was focused solely on the Wall and the long awaited battle between the Nights Watch and the wildlings. For the first time in Game of Thrones history, we didn’t jump between locations or characters, we stuck with one conflict the entire episode. I would have loved it if the opening credits just showed the wall for two minutes instead of showing other parts of Westeros. Having the entire episode dedicated to the wall gave the battle a sense of importance. In theory, it was a very important battle for the realm, but just as most people who lives in Westeros, some viewers don’t care about the Wall, Jon or the Wildlings as much as they do other characters. It is sort of understandable, since there is no bombastic character on the Wall, but the importance of the battle shouldn’t be lost on any GoT fan.

Ygritte dying didn’t make me weep openly like the Red Wedding did, but it was still an effective scene for her to die in the arms of her lover/enemy. Surprisingly, I was more effected emotionally when Grenn lead a few of his brothers in a battle against a giant. They had just witnessed the giant lift a door a mammoth didn’t get open, and Grenn not only convinced his brothers in arms to hold their ground, but to defeat the giant at the cost of their lives. Marvelous.

My only gripe with the episode lies within the ending. It felt like the battle was very even, but the wildlings still retreated even though all was not lost. It seemed like they still had a ton of forces in reserve so maybe they are just regrouping for the next episode, but it gave this one a muzzled ending.  But I guess we will solve that in the next episode.

Favorite Line:

Maester Aemon: “Old age is a wonderful source of irony.”

Other Notes:

  • I wonder what brilliant psycho decided that a giant wall wasn’t enough for defense and said, “I know, lets put a freaking scythe in the wall.” They need one of those in Attack on Titan.
  • Really good dialog from Sam, Gilly and Aemon this week (Especially Sam).
  • Another surprise was Thorne stepping up and being an awesome leader. I was not expecting that from a guy who has been nothing but a jerk to Jon.
  • As for Janos, he is a craven in every sense of the word.
  • Even though he got captured, Tormund is a freaking beast! The guy took down at least ten men of the nights watch before getting surrounded. Not to mention he was still standing with like five arrows in his body.

I’ll keep this one short because I’m still busy doing E3 covergae and plus, the episode only had one plot-line so there isn’t much to discuss anyway. “The Watchers on the Wall” was not your typical Game of Thrones episode, but it still delivered another great battle to the series’ record. We are coming up upon the final episode of the season folks. The season finale is reported to be 66 minutes long (Longest episode for the show ever), so get ready, it is going to be a good one.


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