The time has come

All was fine. San Antonio’s game 3 blowout was chalked up to the Spurs shooting lights out. Even Gregg Popovich said the shooting performance of game three could not be duplicated. By halftime of game four, it was clear, though, that the defending champions were on the ropes.

Miami wasn’t able to escape the early hole dug by the Spurs’constant ball movement that kept the slow Miami defense in constant motion with the end result usually either a wide open trey or an easy finish at the rim. With Boris Diaw picking apart the Miami defense(Diaw had at several points more assists than Miami) and the Heat’s Big Three looking mortal, the Spurs are clearly the better team.

LeBron James’ 28 points were irrelevant because he can’t guard all five positions. James can’t rejuvenate Dwayne Wade’s knees, which clearly slowed down Wade to the point it was sad. Mike Miller is gone, and James can’t bring him back. Rashard Lewis has played admirably after being called upon to play the four, but he has his limits, and is another easy target for the Spurs on offense. Shane Battier is done. Ray Allen is still providing, but he’s another Heat liability on defense.

Mario Chalmers is not being the ball-hawk on defense that he can be or spacing the floor like he’s capable of. He’s been MIA. Lets stop and mark our calenders because Kawhi Leonard is big time on both sides of the ball. For all the blame and shortcomings on the part of Miami, it all boils down to the Spurs’ depth and their system and the Heat looking like a car that has an overdue tuneup looming.

The Heat collapsing right before our eyes is a testament to how hard it is to three-peat, even The King has looked mortal to the point that he can’t reverse the course of the series. The Heat are down.

2 thoughts on “The time has come

  1. “Shane Battier is done.” It’s funny, because I’ve known you for seven years now… And you’ve been saying that for at least three years now. Hahahaha, I finally believe you though, he is finished.

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