Game of Thrones: “The Children” Reaction & Takeaways

got finale

Nothing will ever be the same.

*Spoilers after the jump*

No intros, there is too much to talk about, so lets get right into it. It sure was a freaking shock to see my man Stannis ride on those wildlings out of nowhere, saving the men of the nights watch. It was really cool to see Jon tell him that he is the son of the man who died for Stannis. Ned Stark did die because he wanted Stannis to be on the throne because it was his right, and Ned effectively started the war, so Stannis should take a shine to Jon. On second thought, Stannis barely tolerates Davos, and that’s his right hand man, so it will be interesting to see how those characters get along next season. Instead of directly going back to King’s Landing, Stannis hopes to increase his worth and support to be the one true king. Say what you want about the Red Woman, she and her God seem to give good advice. She was right about the Blackwater, King’s blood being deadly to false kings (Rob and Joffrey) and she was right about the true battle lying in the North. Speaking of characters meeting up, The Hound vs. Brienne of Tarth was arguably the best fight the series has had. They just kept countering each other, then Brienne went on an absolute rampage. If her easy victory over Jaime Lannister wasn’t enough to prove that she is a beast, now it should be clear that she is one of the best fighters in the realm. It is a shame about the hound though. He was quickly becoming one of my favorites, and in a cast of Lannisters, Bron and Oberyn (R.I.P) he was the funniest character this season. It isn’t his purpose to be witty, but his blunt approach to life just comes across as humorous to viewers safe in their homes. The Hound will be missed… But not but Arya.

Arya gave no sh*ts that her companion was dying right in front of her. She wasn’t happy, sad or even indifferent. In that moment she was Arya Stark. The person who got accustomed to everyone around her dying the moment they get close. Her dad, mother, brother, friends, teachers, etc… All of them died as Arya got close to them. It is a tragic path Arya has walked on, and now she is headed to the great city of Bravoos to perhaps learn how to become the ultimate assassin.

littlefinger qoute

Littlefinger called it. Tywin Lannister is no more. The man who was ruling the realm behind the scenes, Tywin Lannister was killed by his own son. The same son he treated like trash for his whole life because Tyrion “killed” his mother on the way into the world. Before dying, Tywin was informed that the rumors about Cersei and Jaime were true, straight from Cersei, starting what was the worst father’s day ever.

Jojen is also dead and Bran met the three eyed raven. For viewers, it is hard t see what is so important about Bran and his story, but maybe next season we will get to know why Bran may be the key to it all. Think about it, Bran is a warg who can’t walk. Besides taking over Hodor’s body, he can’t do much. Meeting a man who looks like he knows EVERYTHING might benefit Bran (and his family) greatly.

Lastly, the storyline of the week that made me experience way too many emotions, came with the Dany storyline. Seeing a slave want to fall back into slavery is understandable, but you don’t see in often on television. It would make sense that a slave would get used to his life as property and hate change. Dany was gratuitous enough to grant him to go back to his life as a slave, but he can’t be called a slave or property. After that, Dany’s bad day continued when a man approached her to tell her in agony that his daughter was killed by her dragon. Not only was the man crying over his burnt, dead child heartbreaking, Dany chaining up her dragons was a really powerful scene. The “Breaker of chains” chaining up her own children. Similar to Catelyn’s scream at the end of the Red Wedding, I’ll need a few days to get the screams of those dragons out of my head.

Favorite Line:

The Hound: “Unless there is a Maester hiding behind that rock, aye… I’m done.”

Other Notes:

  • There are two things I like about Cersei: The fact that she cares about her children more than anything… and the fact that she is always an a-hole to Pycelle.
  • We still have a giant dragon on the lose… We should probably address that topic at the very beginning of next season.
  • Jojen’s death may have been weak compared to other deaths, but the skeleton fight was amazing. It is funny that watching skeletons coming out of the ground didn’t make me question anything… but when that kid threw fire out of its hand, I questioned life itself.
  • Now that the war between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings is essentially over, I’m guessing next season will deal with the aftermath and relationship between the two factions. The Watch can barely feed their own men, but now they have a ton of prisoners… Not a good thing for the prisoners.
  • The incest continues between Cersei and Jaime… Yay?
  • The Mountain survived his wounds, meaning, the match between him and Oberyn wasn’t a tie.

Well, that it; another fantastic season of Game of Thrones is over. So what do you think? Was this the best season so far? It was certainly more favorable if you wanna see the “good guys” win. The horrid Joff was poisoned, Tywin was shot in his privy, and the men on the wall won their battle. Besides Oberyn dying horribly, things kind of worked out positively this time… I’m assuming, things won’t be that way for long. It has been a great ride, and thanks for reading.

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