EVO 2014: Top 3 Ultra Street Fighter 4 Matches


The Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament was full of surprises and hype, especially early on. Most of the best matches didn’t come from the top 8 finals on the last day. Instead, most of the hype matches came on the first day of EVO during pools and the quarter finals. The first day of EVO had the most upsets I’ve ever seen in the first day of an event. We didn’t get Infiltration vs PR Balrog this year, we got SnakeEyez vs Xian. It wasn’t Yun vs Cammy; it was T.Hawk vs E. Ryu. It was a transitional year for Street Fighter 4 because of the new update, but EVO certainly didn’t suffer from the transition. We got new players and characters to look out for in the future, and we got an underdog who was well deserving of the championship. In my opinion, these are the three best matches from EVO 2014.

(Credit to Bavo Bruylandt for uploading all three videos to Youtube)

3. K-Brad (Cammy) vs Somniac ( M.Bison)

In a nail biting finish, one uppercut decides the match.

2. Koji KOG (T.Hawk) vs XSX Samurai (Evil Ryu)

Koji shows off T.Hawk’s new “gun.”

1. SnakeEyez (Zangief) vs Xian (Gen)

SnakeEyez takes on the EVO 2013 champ in a match that ends in pure hype.

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