Rock & Roll Throwback Thursdays: Helicopter

I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin nostalgic. I feel like revisiting my high-school days… Ah high-school… The time where I didn’t have a care in the world besides video games, friends and girls. That was like, seven years ago (I’m still young). Back then, one of my favorite games was Guitar Hero 3. That’s right, I’m a Guitar Hero guy instead of a Rock Band guy. It is probably because I mainly played video games alone instead of going to a buddy’s house to play cooperatively. But Guitar Hero was my jam! Excuse the horrid pun, but I wish I still had my plastic Les Paul guitar to shred songs on medium difficulty… Yeah, medium; I never said I was an actual Guitar hero. My favorite song on the game was a little number called Helicopter by Bloc Party. I’ve never heard of the band at the time but man, Helicopter was a good song. I replayed it countless times, and I even managed to perfect the song (YES, on medium difficulty! Who are you to judge, rockstar?!). I even went to arcades to try to get the high score on their machines and I manged to get one (The record has probably been beaten by now, but you get the medium point).  So take a journey back to 2006 with me and open your ears and prepare your eyes for one of the worst looking, but awesome sounding videos you’ll experience today.


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