Flashback Backlog- Guitar Hero 3


Back in high school, Guitar Hero 3 was one of my favorite games to play. I still remember going to Gamestop to pick up the game and the bundled in Guitar, then having to lug it back home via crowded bus. After that nightmare of a bus ride, I set everything up and never looked back. I started off on easy mode, since playing with a plastic guitar was very new to me, but I eventually got the hang of it and switched to medium difficulty. My skills on medium were of course, unmatched by anyone. GH3 introduced me to awesome songs that I still listen to today, such as “Monster,” “Reptillia,” “Helicopter,” and much more. The game was probably the moving force that pushed me to love rock music more than anything. I enjoyed my high school days of shredding through songs on a regular basis until something disastrous happened. All of a sudden, my guitar stopped working properly and I had to get rid of it and Guitar Hero. Years later, I’m now in college, and yet again I find myself caught in the Guitar Hero 3 wave.

I was waiting for a buddy to met up with me to go see Guardians of the Galaxy (great movie), so I decided to drop in and kill sometime at a near by Gamestop. It was pretty early in the morning, so it wasn’t packed with the usual Gamestop clientele, so it was pretty calm. I spotted Guitar Hero 3 for the crazy price of one dollar (without the Guitar of course). I couldn’t pass up that opportunity to relive some good memories so I grabbed it for that price and pre-ordered Persona 4  Arena Ultimax. *Side-note, I’ve learned to avoid buying anything at Gamestop unless you’re planning to pre-order something, otherwise they bombard you with “suggestions” to pre-order a certain game.* Anyway, after the watching the hilariously awesome Guardians of the Galaxy, I went home and started playing GH3; with a regular controller for the first time. It was awkward as hell at first and my fingers were cramping up, but eventually, once my muscle memory remembered which button does what, it felt smooth again. Of course, it wasn’t as fun as playing with the plastic guitar, but it still brought the nostalgia in full force. I almost got a perfect run on “Monster” and “Helicopter.” “Through the Fire and the Flames” kicked my ass. And overall, it was just a blast to relive that feeling of kicking back, enjoying some music and playing an old game that never wears off.

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