The Painted Back Alley of New York Comic Con


Comic Con is the only place you can sell your art to a guy who may or may not be Spiderman.

New York’s biggest pop culture event of the year gives the opportunity to some people to show off their skills. Aside from the showcase of products and merchandise on the show floor and the panels run by famous figures, New York Comic Con has the Artist Alley, a visual spectacle of various designer works.

The Artist Alley is a part of Comic Con, but has its own separate section tampered off from everything else where visitors can take a gander at imaginative creations. Anyone with a regular ticket is free to roam around the enormous gallery to gaze upon and maybe even purchase a painting from the artist themselves.

Thousands of folks were flooding in and out of the gallery throughout the four days of the convention.

“I love the artist alley, it is my favorite part of Comic Con” a regular attendee said. “It’s just so cool to see this much creativity in one place.”

Many of the artists sitting at their booth had an inviting smile on their face, eager to talk about their work with anyone who took interest. One artist known as DestinyBlue, sat at her booth doodling in her sketchbook as the final day of NYCC was coming to a close. Several sticky notes were on display images on her illustrations that read “Sold out.”

DB art“I’ve been doing this for 14 years now,” said DestinyBlue. “When you do this for so long, you pick up a few skills.”

DestinyBlue wasn’t the only artist that has grown accustom to the insanity of the Con. Several artists have been going to the event for at least five years. In fact, a lot of the artists there have been in their line of work for over 14 years.

Josh Flalkov, was another one of the several craftsman stationed in the Artist Alley. Flalkov has been at it for 14 years as well, and is currently working on a comic called “Bunker.” Interestingly enough, he has been working on Bunker for about a year now, which is what seems to be the average time to create a short comic.

Sean E. Williams

Sean E. Williams, a New York Times Bestselling Author, said that his comics usually take at least nine months to complete as well.

The amount of time and effort put into these designs are hard to match, but the creators that make them are just happy to spread their abstractions around the world. New York Comic Con’s Artist Alley is the perfect place for that happiness to blossom.

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