Best Selling Author Sean E. Williams Hits New York Comic Con

Sean E. Williams

During this year’s New York Comic Con, thousands of people unknowingly walked by a best-selling author.

Tucked away at his booth at the very end of the Javits Center, Sean E. Williams attended Comic Con. You wouldn’t know unless you managed to slip passed the massive crowd of people walking in the opposite direction, but Williams, a man who has written for DC comics and Vertigo was indeed in attendance.

Williams lives with his wife in Minnesota, where he composes the writing for his comic books. He originally worked in Hollywood for around a decade as a screenwriter. Williams made the smooth transition to comic books thanks to his interchangeable skills he picked up in Hollywood.

Ever since the switch in careers, he has worked on comics such as the Sensation Comics, The Vampire Diaries, Artful Daggers and Fairest.

He is a best-selling author for his work on Fairest Vol. 3: The Return of Maharaja, which features a cast of famous fairy tale celebrities.

Williams came to NYCC as one of the many exhibitors, in hopes to spread the word of his old and new comics.

Comic Con can be an overwhelming environment, as hundreds of thousands of people roam around for an entire weekend at one place. Aside from the showcase of products and merchandise on the show floor and the panels run by famous figures, New York Comic Con has the Artist Alley, where Williams was stationed in.

Williams stood at his booth at the very edge of the enormous gallery, with his hands on the table with an inviting smile on his face. This was where he stood during the four days of the convention, showing off his portfolio of work. He was eager to talk to anyone who took the time to stop by his modest cubicle.

Fans who knew his work or a regular passerby could buy Williams’ work, ranging from $2 buttons to $150 giant black and white drawings. Despite his peculiar location, Williams described this Comic Con as a success, as he sold many copies of Fairest and The Vampire Diaries comic. In the final hours of New York Comic Con, he was forced to disappoint attendants who wanted to purchase copies of Fairest.

“I’ve actually sold out of copies of issue one,” Williams said to a customer. “Actually, I’m sold out of issue two as well. Those are the ones that usually go fast.”

Working with pre-established characters, Williams found great success. Besides Artful Daggers, the stories Williams tells are with well-known figures such as Cinderella, Wonder Woman and other fictional personas.


Cover art for Williams’ Artful Daggers.

Williams is currently working on the creator-owned comic book series Artful Daggers, which started back in March 2013. Williams is the co-creator and writer, alongside Adam Knave and the artist, Andrew Losq, who is also a video game designer.

Artful Daggers takes place in an alternate reality version of the past, where a time traveler brings technology from their time to the medieval ages. The comic is being published digitally by Monkeybrain comics.

“It takes nine months to create one issue,” Williams said with a wistful smile. “It’s quite a long process.”

Other artists at the convention would also agree that it takes nearly a year to put out one piece of artwork. Josh Fialkov, writer of a webcomic series called The Bunker, was located two rows across from William’s booth.

“I’ve been a comic book writer for 14 years,” Fialkov said. “The first issue of Bunker was in production for a year.”

After the Comic Con was complete, Williams packed up the few remaining unsold copies of his comics and returned home. He’ll go back to Minnesota, where he’ll begin the next nine month process in creating the next issue of Artful Daggers.


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