Reaction to the Marvel Movie Plan



After that explosion of feels, I calmed down and thought about it. 

Personally, I’m most excited for Captain America: Civil War. Why? Because it is a freaking civil war! If you are familiar with the story, you know that this is one of the most iconic storylines ever told in comic book history. I won’t go to far into spoilers or anything of the sort, but I’m interested in how they can get around the importance of Spiderman. Of course, they don’t have the rights to the character, but he plays a big part of this story so without him it might feel a bit lacking. Regardless, this movie comes off of my favorite superhero movie since The Dark Knight, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier perfectly captured the spirit of Captain America, unlike the first Cap movie. It also had a threatening villain, something I think Marvel movies have lacked.


After Civil War, my most anticipated announced movie is Doctor Strange, one of my favorite Marvel characters. Just like Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange is so “out there.” Guardians didn’t disappoint, and it was arguably better than The Avengers in some ways. There was a nod to Steven Strange in The Winter Soldier (that was fantastic), and since then I was waiting for this announcement. Now that it is here, and Benedict Cumerbatch is playing the Doctor, I can only bide my time until the film.

black boltRounding out what I’m most hyped for (besides Infinity Wars), is The Inhumnas and Black Panther. Just like Guardians of the Galaxy, I know almost nothing about the Inhumans. I was excited for Guardians because it looked new, and the Inhumans does as well. The only character from the Inhumans I’m familiar with, is Black Bolt. Black Bolt is a character who doesn’t speak often, because his voice is too powerful. Fun fact, his whisper can level a city. That’s a character I want to see on screen.


Black Panther is another hero I’m happy to see come to the big screen. He isn’t out of left field, but he is also not “mainstream.” Not a ton of people know why Black Panther is great, they just have heard stories about him. It will be marvelous to see the character get the respect he deserves.

The three films I’m actually skeptical about are Thor: Ragnarok, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man. The Thor movies are the least appealing Marvel movies to me, because Thor doesn’t feel like a God. Of course he welds Mjolnir, but he is in love with a human, always on Earth and is underpowered. I’ve never believed that he is a God, even though I know that he is. For Ant-Man, he can hold is own in a solo movie, but I would have hoped he would be introduced in the Ultron movie.

Captain Marvel will be the first female solo Marvel hero movie. For that reason alone, it has a lot of pressure on it. I won’t make a big deal out of it, but having a female lead causes a lot of problems. It shouldn’t be the case, but people will see the movie differently and judge the movie harder because of the fact that it is a female led superhero film. It isn’t fair, but it will happen. I won’t say more until I see the person the cast as Captain Marvel.

At this point, who is skeptical about Age of Ultron, Infinity War and Guardians 2? I was worried that the Infinity gauntlet storyline would be a let down, but the are giving it the rare blockbuster treatment of being split into two movies. That way it wouldn’t feel rushed and there is plenty of time to show the war between Thanos and our heroes.

And after watching the Ultron trailer, I have high hopes for what could be the standout villain of the universe.

Regardless of my skepticism on a few of them, I’m pretty jazzed for all of the Marvel movies. It is a great time to be a fan of comics because of all of these comic book movies doing so well.

I just hope Spiderman eventually gets the quality that he deserves, but hasn’t gotten since Spiderman 2.


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