Insight & Eyesight (Poem)

I made a mistake in assuming that the masses were the same in all of the classes

I didn’t distinctfy the assholes from the rightful souls

Categorizing the dark with the light has created my unnecessary fight

For I have painted a world that is unjust and full of lust

In reality it’s a mixed bag and my eyes couldn’t identify my own lies

But now I’ve been given the power to enter the tower of love and life

Your words have instilled me with courage and I’ve killed my previous mindset

I’ll forevermore keep you in my chest and I’ll always feel blessed

For those in Sports Writing who didn’t need to say anything to me, thank you

You don’t even understand how much you’ve changed my view

To the ones in News Reporting who’ve made me smile on a weekly basis, I love you all

You didn’t even realize how hard pressed my back was again the wall

To the professor that said to another “Don’t steal one of my best,” you’ve inspired me

I will try to live up to your praise and live my live with glee

To you unsung heroes of the institution, you’ve given me vision

I’ve reached a decision to live my life with enhanced precision


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