A Fool’s Descent into Hell: Playing Super Metroid for the First Time


A declining elevator drops you into the center of the space colony. You enter, dipping into the building and pacing through an empty hallway. Reaching the depths of the facility, the only human contact that you’ll find here is with the bodies sprawled out on the floor. Shimmy past them into a room with a strange creature trapped in a jar… Appearing out of nowhere is a giant dragon-like monster who grabs the jar, and starts swiping at you with its tail.

You’re near death, the winged beast flies away. The facility you are in is about to self destruct. Running as fast as you can, going back through the hallways of whence you came, steam rising from the floors while the building tilts to the side.

5… 4…3…2… You make it to your ship and fly away from the explosion, chasing the after the purple lizard that stole the squid in the jar to an unknown planet.

This is the first sequence to an unrelenting prism that gives no sense of security.

Landing in unfamiliar territory, you put your feet onto the green ground. Walking in a random direction after being lost more than you’ve ever been in a virtual world, you have no clue what you’re supposed to be doing. Stumbling upon a blue door, you fire your gun at the dome-shaped entry point and it opens to a new area.

You continue the silent trudge on this contemporary planet, to find a hole in the floor that looks like it leads to the underworld itself. With no other place to go, you jump in.

Your descent into madness will be a long one, but you eventually hit what seems to be the bottom of the pit. You continue to wander… This hushed area might be the center of this planet, but there’s still no signs of life. The silence is numbing, but you’re safe.

You strike gold as you see something you may need, a device called the morphball. You jump towards the object to pick it up, ignoring a beam of light coming from the ceiling. After twiddling with your device, you figure out how the morphball works. That confidence is rising, progress is being made. The morphball grants access to a another door that opens up to a lone statue holding a metal ball. Shooting it reveals an item.


“Hey, missiles! Sweet!” you gleefully say after making some additional minuscule progress. You’ve got this figured out now, you have to tools to find and fight that over-sized lizard who destroyed that space colony.

Starting the climb out of the planet itself, you nearly scream when you realize the truth.

You are not alone.

A toxic green alien stands before you… another one right above your head.

Do you feel it? The dread? Your attention is certainly attached to this anomaly you found before you.

Barely scraping out alive thanks to the missiles you found, you recall everything that has happened. The alien in the jar, the freakish being that took it, and the yellow beam of light you jumped through to get the morph… Security cameras.

You were careless. You thought nothing of those cameras because nothing of immediacy happened. You were foolish. Still, you’re alive. You’ve gotten stronger, but the wyvern you tracked doesn’t seem to be here.

With nowhere else to explore, you bravely get ready to head to the next planet to track your foe. You’ve traveled back to your ship, only to find out its sole purpose is to serve as a brief moment of respite.

spuer metroid ship

You’re not getting off that easily. There is nowhere else to go but here.

You take another trip down the rabbit hole and discover unseen truths you glossed over during your first decent. One secret leads to another. Realization after realization darts through your mind as the expedition expands more towards the unknown.

This continues for what seems to be an eternity, but you’ve learnt the code for the planet itself. You’re further away from your ship than you’ve ever been, and you’re at the center of the world. But that initial fear you had at the start has morphed into something different. With nearly fifty missiles at your disposal, a better suit and a few other tools, you feel unstoppable.

Sure, you haven’t heard a human voice since you woke up this morning, but you’ve been in this hell long enough not to care anymore. The thing keeping you sane is the suit of armor protecting your body and your mission of chasing that dangerous behemoth.

Welcome to Super Metroid. Now finish this mission.

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