Spring Fever 2015: Playstation’s Spring Line-up is Insane

I was doing so well. I haven’t bought a single video game this year. But that is about to change come March.

spring fever

Previous to the announcement on the Playstation Blog of the Spring Fever event on the Playstation Store, I had no intention of buying any games besides Bloodborne and Hotline Miami 2. Now, I’m wondering when my wallet will get a break from purchasing video games again. It was a good run.

Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, Jamestown+, Metal Slug 3, Axiom Verge, Bastion, Titan Souls and Shovel Knight. Week after week of pretty dope looking games.

Every single one of these games interests me. The only game on this list I’ve played before is Shovel Knight, so I might not get that, but Bastion, Titan Souls, Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, and Axiom Verge are seeming like must have games for me.

Don’t forget that Bloodborne comes out in March as well, so this is just the beginning of the destruction of my free time.

Side note, that 10% discount thing is pure garbage. That’s saving you a dollar on most of these games. More incentive is needed when it comes to these “big” sale events. When you take into consider the “buy three get one free” Playstation had last spring, this “sale” fails harshly in comparison. When my hype dies down in approximately two minutes, I’ll probably reconsider and decide to hold off on most of these games until a better sale arises.

That being said, it is still a great line-up of games and I hope these games get the attention they deserve.

So does this line-up interest you and your wallet? Should I just buy everything or wait for a bigger sale? Sound off in the comments section if you dare.

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