Anime Month Day 4- The Aftermath of Comic Con

Besides the P.O.S that was Guilty Crown, Comic Con gave me the means to watch some of the greatest anime of all time.

As I walked through the show floor, I saw interesting posters and manga for shows I never knew existed. People were recommending me shows every hour, and I wrote all of them down.

Picture your top 20 anime of all time. Now imagine watching the in the span of two years for the first time ever. I overloaded myself with anime the first two years of my college life, and it was glorious.

Not only did Comic Con rekindle my love for animation, it exploded my affection for everything Japanese.

PicMonkey Collage

Of course I went back every year after 2011. Every time I went, it was a different experience. 2011 was the year where I was lost and going in random directions looking for keyblades. 2012 I walked the floor proudly everyday to make sure I saw everything and bought all the posters I needed in my life. 2013 was the year I wanted to go to as many panels as humanly possible.  And 2014 I finally found my keyblade, interviewed artists and saw the cast of The Walking Dead.

Comic Con also inspired some of the best work I’ve done as a writer. I’ve interviewed artists there, profiled authors, wrote articles about my favorite shows and have spent countless dollars on keyblades, posters and comics.

I knew the mainstream shows thanks to Toonami, but after Comic Con, I knew them all.

It's funny .. this picture almost captures everything I love

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