Anime Month Day 5- Emotional Recommendation: Clannad


If you watched Clannad and didn’t feel anything, you have a heart made of fullmetal.

Clannad is one of the few shows I’ve watched that has had an effect on my everyday life. During the time I was watching Clannad, I was noticeably depressed in class and at home.

Clannad is a story of life. That may sound vague or overly simple, but Clannad walks you through the lives of a couple of individuals. It shows them enjoying school life, finding love, experiencing tragedy and learning to live with the things from their past.

The problems these characters have are realistic, and makes them relatable to people who have gone through similar hardships. Every character has a flaw, problem or thing to overcome. Take this out of context quote for example:

“Nagisa lost consciousness over and over again; waking up and passing out because of the pain. It was cruel to watch. I wanted to cover my eyes and hide. It stretched on and on with no end in sight. I lost track of time. It felt like an eternity. I was so close to passing out myself. After a while, I felt like my heart couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I had run out of hope.”
-Okazaki Tomoya

Clannad had an emotional run throughout, but it wasn’t until Clannad: After Story where it got truly soul-crushing. I REALLY want to avoid talking about the actual story, just in case someone is reading this and hasn’t watched it already, and also to avoid getting tears on my new keyboard. But if you don’t mind spoilers or have watched it already, here’s one of the most gut-wrenching scenes from the anime.

In my personal opinion, that’s not even the saddest scene, but this one is the culmination of the main story. I don’t have to describe the emotion of Tomoya Okazaki, the main protagonist, as he reminisces of someone he’s lost, since the scene does it so well. This is just an example of how Clannad presents a story of heartbreak while maintain a sense of hope.

“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy. I don’t want you to be lost or afraid or anything like that. From here on out, I know things might be hard sometimes. But no matter what, please don’t ever regret the time we spent together.”
-Furukawa Nagisa

Clannad isn’t action-themed or over-the-top, it presents the average human life in an interesting perspective. It is the perfect representation of what life is, a perfect mix of light and darkness. Clannad is a beautiful tragedy.


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