Anime Month Day 7- Toradora: Isn’t This Romantic?

*Heavy spoilers for Toradora*

This article will have a lot of gifs, because Toradora is amazing in motion.

toradora 7

Toradora is the best anime when it comes to romance. End of discussion. This is a fact even though I’ve only seen about five romance anime shows. #DealWithIt

toradora 6

Toradora perfectly represents the romantic-comedy genre. It never stops presenting humorous situations for the wondrous characters to work through, and never stops feeling heartfelt.

To go from this …

toradora 2

To this …

toradora gif 3


toradora 12

Without anything feeling forced, random or predictable is ridiculously great writing for an anime. Taiga and Ryuuji’s relationship throughout the show is absolute perfection.

Toradora is the reason why I cringe at mediocre romance story-lines in video games like Metro: Last Light, movies like Man of Steel, and Television shows like Arrow. Seeing other pieces of media present lukewarm relationships that are bogged down with lack of chemistry, is like …

It’s like… man, I can’t put my finger on it…

toradora gif 5

YEAH, it’s like a slap in the face!

toradora 4Toradora doesn’t rely on basic stereotypes or common situations to tell its tale, it expands on the emotion a human being feels as they struggle through a situation similar to this one.

Now, I can’t end this without talking about one of my favorite supporting characters ever…

toradora 8

I can’t remember how many times this chick has made me literally fall out of my chair in laughter, but it was plentiful. Minori might be an airhead, but she’s the best kind of airhead. She’s hilarious, but not clueless. Spacey, yet human.

Even though you could write her off as some comedic relief character, she was crucial to the story. She was the character that made this show feel “real.” The entire time I saw her and Ryuuji together, I believed that their relationship could work. They had chemistry; not as much as Taiga and Ryuuji, but enough to make me question whether or not Ryu would actually end up with his initial crush.

toradora 10

Minori is hilarious and just an overall fun person to watch. She wasn’t the centerpiece of the show, but the centerpiece of the overall story. Depending on what happened with her Ryuuji and Taiga, that would shape the rest of this tale.

All five characters had a role to play and was critical to the plot. That’s what made Toradora the perfect romance story.

For me, Toradora is the anime equivalent of Persona 4 Golden. Both Toradora and Persona boast a perfect cast of male and female characters that gel together perfectly.


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