FightCenter: NLBC #116, NCR & Hypespotting

Welcome to the third edition to FightCenter! When I started writing this two weeks ago, I focused only on Next Level Battle Circuit tournaments, but I said that we might evolve with time. Now is the time to evolve!

pokemon evo

Alright, now that we are a badass level 36 pokemon, let me explain our new stats, abilities and moves.


Writing skill- 43 out of 100

Humor- 69

Laziness- Max

Analysis- Pretty okay

Time- About 50 minutes




Dragon Punch

Quick Type

Abilities: Awkward Stance

Instead of just focusing on Next Level Battle Circuit, a weekly Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament held in Brooklyn, NY, with our new found power, we can now also talk about bigger events, such as Nor Cal and Hypespotting.

To compare it to wrestling, Next Level is now WWE Raw, and Capcom premier events are the big pay-per-view events like the Royal Rumble. Also, Wednesday Night Fights can be our TNA, a show I will never talk about in detail.

Now let’s actually talk about Street Fighter, starting with Nor Cal Regionals and Hypespotting.

So yeah, Team Mad Catz stole last weekend from everyone. MCZ|Daigo got first place at Nor Cal, never losing a set, while MCZ|Mago and MCZ|Tokido got first and second respectively at Hypespotting over in France.

Daigo looked damn near unbeatable as he ran through Strider, Smug, Nuckledu and Gamerbee with interesting tech throughout the event.

Daigo avoided Smug and his character’s offensive pressure by using a focus-attack backdash EVERY TIME on wake-up to negate Dudley’s overhead. As a Dudley player myself, I was screaming at my screen for Smug to notice and switch his tactics. Against Nuckedu’s Decapre, he did something I didn’t even know was possible: he threw fireballs at her psycho stream ultra to stop it from chipping him out.

evil ryu

Daigo does his research, and it showed that he had tech for specific match ups, that’s why he’s the beast.

What’s more surprising is that Mago won Hypespotting with Yang, a character that does not do that much damage. With players moving to Evil Ryu, a character that is known for burst damage, it is nice to see some “low tier” love for characters like Yang. That isn’t to say Yang is low tier. I actually think he is viable, but does suffer from that low damage output. I’d say he’s somewhere at the bottom of mid-tier.

To go back to Nor Cal, we have to talk about the controversy that happened during top 8. The greatest moment outside of matches happened early on in top 8, as Ricky Ortiz noted that they were playing on the wrong version of the game.



Fortunately, only top 8 needed to be replayed, since they were using a different console for everything before that. So with that snafu, a few matches were replayed. Gamerbee lost to Justin again, Daigo beat Strider, Smug beat Poongko and Nuckledu went over Kazunoko … WAIT. Du beat Kaz. Before the reset, Kazunoko beat Nuckledu in a very close match, and was set to move on in the winners bracket. After the reset, and the version was switched, Nuckledu won and went on to get 3rd place.

It sucks for Kazunoko, who has been placing high in tournaments so far. I felt really bad watching him get eliminated, but the rule is apparently to replay the matches so it was a necessary evil. It was a lose-lose situation for the tournament organizers, and hopefully Kazunoko can bounce back at the next event he attends.

Other highlights include Poongko taking off his shirt (twice, thanks to the reset), only to get bodied by Smug (twice, thanks to the reset). Gamerbee got second place with Adon and Elena, granting him some fight money as well as a lot of points of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Outside of top 8, BJ Unchained got his golden moment, as he took on a super saiyan.

So for the Capcom Pro Tour, the standings are as follows:

  2. MCZ|Daigo [QUALIFIED]
  4. /r/kappa|Poongko
  5. /r/kappa|Infiltration
  6. EG|Momochi [QUALIFIED]
  7. AVM|Gamerbee
  8. Dark Jiewa
  9. MCZ|Tokido
  10. Liquid|NuckleDu

The standings are based off of points received by competing in Capcom Pro Tour events. If you win a premier event, like Xian, Daigo and Mago, you are guaranteed a spot. And of course, Momochi is the defending champion so he has a spot as well.

Lets only briefly talk about Next Level, because I’m running out of time (see time stat).

Thankfully it was a light-week, as Smug was in Japan for the Topanga World League 2, so no appearance at NLBC this week. That kills his 4-week win streak, leaving the floor open for a new champ … Perfect time for “The King,” Sanford Kelly to make a comeback to reclaim the throne second place. Sanford played Ryu throughout the entire tournament, shying away from his usual Sagat or Oni characters. Maybe this is a sign of Sanford perma-switching to Ryu? Regardless, Shine beat him 3-2 in Grand Finals with Yang, maybe inspired by Mago’s Yang at Hypespotting.

NLBC #116 Top 3

  1. OG PxG|Shine (Yang)
  2. TSC|Sanford Kelly (Ryu)
  3. PIE|Poem (Decapre/Balrog)

You can check out the full brackets at challonge.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and feel free to hit the comments section below for discussion, suggestions and moral boosters.


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