Anime Month: Day 10- Unpopular Anime that I Love

I have zero idea how advertising works with anime, but it is easy to look past a ton of great shows if you haven’t heard about them from friends. Of all the shows I’ve watched, 90% of them have been suggested by other anime lovers. I’ve never seen an advert for an anime and went out of my way to watch it.

However, the 10% of shows I just found just by pure luck, are some of my favorites. But when I go to one of my anime friends, they either never heard of it, or never watched it.

My Little Monster, My Teenage Romance SNAFU, and Waiting in the Summer are three romance anime shows that I absolutely adore. They don’t appeal to fans who want action above all, but the stories these shows tell are awesome. I think romance shows specifically are very niche and they don’t appeal to a wide-range of fans like Naruto does.

I have a short list of shows, most of them are romance, and they wouldn’t usually be on a lot of “must watch” lists. I’m speaking completely verbatim, but these are the shows I think should be vastly more popular than they are.


  • The Pet Girl of Sakurasou- Weirdly awesome, good romance and hilarious characters
  • Waiting in the Summer- Another weird romance story that goes places you usually want to avoid
  • Angel Beats!- A heartwarming yet heartbreaking tale that can make you laugh and cry at the same time
  • Kokoro Connect- Bite sized stories that come together to create the bigger picture
  • Hajime no Ippo- Manly action and hype that rivals Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto

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