Anime Month: Day 11-Starting a Show Off Strong

I often say an anime’s opening episode is arguably its most important. It isn’t easy to gauge interest for an entire season in one 20 minute episode, but Kill La Kill was flawless in its initial execution.

If you’ve never watched Kill La Kill, I highly suggest watching the first episode at least. You’ll know right away if you’ll enjoy the show or not. It is impressive to establish a series flawlessly in one episode. It is rare, but a first episode can indeed solidify love for a show.

The opening minutes confused the absolute crap outta me, because everything was moving so fast. I’m used to sliding into the background information slowly, but KLK establishes its pacing without any apologies.

I remember back in 2013 when the show first started, I was blown away. In fact, I said:

“From the moment it starts, they jump right into it. No introduction, no exposition and no back-story, it just started abruptly like it was in a rush. As a viewer, I was assuming  that they will slow down the pace after the first couple of minutes but throughout the entire episode it keep this insane blazing speed and it was magnificent. I could barely read the subtitles at times while keeping up with the animation, but it wasn’t frustrating. It felt like something was happening every second and didn’t waste a moment of my time.”

Other shows that had a remarkable first episode include:

  • Death Note: Establishes a complex story and main character in an interesting way
  • Gurren Lagann: An inspirational start to an epic tale
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Another complex story explained beautifully, while setting up the two amazing Elric  brothers
  • Attack on Titan: The titans run rampant, killing several people in seconds. Established motivation behind the surviving humans
  • Pokemon: An iconic opening that established Ash, Misty and the franchise mascot, Pikachu

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