Anime Month: Day 14- Manga vs. Anime

I’ve brought up Death Note a few times during anime month, and I must do so again, because I enjoyed the manga more than the anime. The story is exactly the same, but with the manga, I could take my time reading it, anywhere I wanted to. I’ve only watched Death Note once, but read the manga twice because I wanted to go back to certain parts to dissect them and see if I missed any subtle details.

death note1

It also helped that the art quality for the Death Note manga was superb. 

I’ve also read the entire manga of Naruto because I was completely tired of waiting for the anime to catch up to the main story (which still hasn’t happened). Filler arcs in the show always pissed me off, even though I understand that they are there so the anime doesn’t get ahead of itself. But I couldn’t deal with the fillers ever five episodes anymore. Even the video games surpassed the show and spoiled a few things for people who solely watch the anime, but thankfully, I avoided spoilers because I was reading the manga.

naruto manga

I’ve read the manga for Attack on Titan after season one was complete, and while I loved it, it isn’t the same. Seeing Attack on Titan in motion is different from just looking at still images while reading text. The hype just isn’t there. Stories that are highly dependent on action are better in animated forms, and that’s why I’ve stayed away from the Hajime No Ippo manga for so long.

Naruto is dependent on action to a certain degree, but the action became lesser as the series went on. There are a few good fights, but for the most part, I feel like I got the full story and emotions from the manga.

You can get the full Death Note experience from reading the manga since it isn’t an action heavy show. I’d like to try reading more manga in the future, because it is less of a commitment than sitting down in front of a screen to watch hours of a show. That being said, of course I’ll still watch anime when I get the time, but I’m getting a bit too busy to make that commitment to a series as long as something like One Piece … maybe I’ll just read that one.

So what do you think? Do you prefer reading manga or watching anime?


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