Anime Month: Day 17- Mature/Inappropriate Anime

NSFW: Yo, this ain’t suited for work in any way possible. 

As most know, a lot of ecchi shows exist for one reason only: to provide “fanservice.” These shows are all flash and little substance. On occasion they have a decent story, but I’ve never seen an ecchi anime with a great story … not that I seek out ecchi anime on purpose!

The only reason I know about these shows are strictly because of research purposes, of course.

But yes, ecchi and harem shows are mostly about putting female characters in “compromising” positions.


Out of content scene is out of context. 

They aren’t the most popular shows out there, but of course they have a hardcore fanbase. There is nothing wrong with watching these kind of shows (he says to make himself feel better about secretly watching these shows), but they aren’t things you can watch out in the open, therefore get a bad wrap. If someone catches you watching ecchi, it isn’t a fun conversation. But if you find out that your friend watches it too, it’s a fun conversation for like two minutes. After that, you never want to discuss animated breasts with them again … but it’s probably still cool to have a friend that’s into that stuff too.

Because physics.

Because physics.

Some of these shows are pretty close to being straight up porn at times. Especially the specials and OVAs that break the barrier of PG-13 ratings. There’s just flesh everywhere. It’s up to you to decide if that’s good or bad.

This is how I see it: As long as it doesn’t get in the way of the story, I could careless. If it’s just “T & A” with no substance, then I’m out.

I didn’t watch Qwaser or Queen’s Blade, but I did watch Highschool of the Dead to the end, and that shit was awesome. It had a decent story and good action, even though it reveled in the realm of perversion for a long period of time.

high school of the dead

Because physics!

My point is, it doesn’t matter how much clothes a character is wearing, if the character is interesting and the show can tell a cohesive story, I’ll watch it.


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