FightCenter: NLBC #118- Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

Yeah, this is a thing again. Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter: the question of what’s a better fighting game is back.

Look, Mortal Kombat X is a new game. Street Fighter 4 is almost a decade old now, so of course people are going to want to watch some MK X. It happens with every new game, and that’s why Next Level Battle Circuit had over 14,000 watching. That’s almost a 10,000 viewer increase from last week’s event.

Regardless, it’s good for the community. New players come into the fold, old players come back to try to relive the glory days and everyone has a new game to try out. All positive outcomes.

So whether you love MK X or USF4, or possibly both, just be content with the diverse set of fighting games we have now, and the games that are coming in the future. 

Next Level hosted an Mortal Kombat tourney this week, and I can’t comment too much on the finer details of MK X, because I’m still experimenting  with the game myself. My Scorpion is … okay, but I don’t know enough about the game to analyze anything yet.

Apparently, MK X’s netcode is awful, so online play is not a solid option.  That sucks for the longevity of the game, but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Mortal Kombat did get a patch already, and Neatherrealm has said that frequent patches should be a norm. Ermac also needs a patch, since one of his variations can build meter at the speed of light. He’s so broken that the first MK X tournament at Next Level banned his Spectral variation.

Regardless, Li Joe’s Ermac won the tourney with a ‘Master of Souls’ variation. Sabin’s Takeda ended up in 2nd place, and inspired me to try the character the next time I try the game. Wrapping up top 3 was Insaynne with Kano, who looks like an annoying character because of his ‘Blanka ball’ move.

Mortal Kombat X Results 

  1. Li Joe (Ermac- Master of Souls)
  2. TS|Sabin (Takeda- Shirai Ryu)
  3. BIFU EIF| Insaynne (Kano- Cutthroat) 

Full results at challonge. 

Switching over to Ultra Street Fighter 4 halfway into the tournament, the stream started with a few … unwelcoming matches. Which fueled some “Sleep Fighter” comments, but honestly, some of the matches were a snooze fest.

Rufus vs. Dhalsim is easily the most boring match-up to watch. I thought any match with Rolento was torture, but man, Rufus and Dhalsim are not entertaining fighters together.

Besides that, Sanford Kelly ended Smug’s winning streak using Ken, a character that gives Smug’s Dudley problems. Any character with a strong footsie game gives Dudley a hard time getting in.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Results

  1. TSC|Sanford Kelly (Ken)
  2. PIE|Smug (Dudley)
  3. BIFUInsaynnne (Rolento)

Full results also at challonge.

That’s it for this week. It’s also worth noting that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is FINALLY coming to Playstation 4 on May 26, but as a digital only download for $25. Great price, but I would’ve liked a physical copy of the game.


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