Anime Month: Day 20- Death Note’s Perfect Ending (?)

Spoilers for Death Note. 

Earlier on in the month, I said Death Note had “the perfect ending.” In the moment, it was perfect. It was the fall of the anti-hero, the death of a man who tried to become God. A few days later, I realize that may not be the case. Light Yagami dies after getting caught because of a mistake in his plans of taking down Near.

Near and Mello were the replacement for the role of L, Kira’s enemy. But I never bought into that. These two characters came out of nowhere and weren’t given enough detail to make me believe that they could do what the original L set out to do.

Even though Light eventually lost, he beat his main rival, L. Light Yagami loses to the wrong person. With Near and Mello feeling as hollow as they do compared to L, I never believed that these snooty kids beat Kira. Kira lost to himself. He made a mistake against an inferior opponent, making Kira, and L seem weaker than they actually were.

The series stops there. Kira, Light Yagami, wins. That’s not the usual light triumphs over darkness story-line, but Light still wins.

What would’ve been the perfect ending? The death of L, Kira’s ultimate rival, the death of Kira after he has taken down his ultimate rival, or  something else? Where would have you liked to see the story end?


4 thoughts on “Anime Month: Day 20- Death Note’s Perfect Ending (?)

  1. I guess the writers wanted something different in the story. Personally I think that L beating Light might seem cliched and Light beating L might give an unsatisfying ending. I think the ending is fine, I see L winning via his legacy- Near and Mello. Basically dying was a calculated variable for him and to counter it he used two people as his ‘successors’ to finish the job.

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