FightCenter: NLBC #119- More Mortal Kombat X & Ultra Street Fighter 4

With no big news in the FGC this week, this is going to be another short wrap-up of Wednesday’s Next Level Battle Circuit.

Sadly, my school decided to run on a Monday schedule on a Wednesday, so I was in class and couldn’t watch most of the event. I completely missed the Mortal Kombat X action, but the results are as follows.

Mortal Kombat X Results

1. BIFU|Coach Steve (Kano)

2. TS|Sabin(Takeda)

3. Grr(Ferra/Torr)

MK X full results at challonge.

Coach Steve a.k.a Insaynne surely loves characters that can just “sonic the hedgehog” all over the place. His “Kano-ball” attack has been proven to be effective thus far, stronger than even his Sf4 Rolento and Blanka.

It’s also of note that TS|Sabin, Arturo Sanchez, got second place in the first two MKX tournaments at NLBC.


Mortal Kombat pulled in 15,000 viewers this week, one thousand more than last week.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 looked like a slog last week compared to Mortal Kombat X’s tourney, thanks to the Rufus/Dhalsim match that destroyed the momentum of the event. But this week, a high-octane match between PIE|Smug and TS|Sabin was the main highlight of the Street Fighter portion of the event. In a match of great offense and defense, Sabin’s defensive Dhalsim took out PIE|Smug’s unrelentingly offensive Dudley in a very close match-up.

TS|Sabin finished in second place, losing in Grand Finals to Sanford Kelly. “Second place in both MK X and SF4,” he joked after the match. “Always the bridesmaid … ”

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Results

1. Sanford Kelly (Ryu/Sagat)

2. TS|Sabin (Dhalsim/Rose)

3. Zaferino (Fei Long) 

USF 4 full results at challonge.

Sanford is now on a two week winning streak at NLBC, and his Ryu/Sagat play has never looked stronger. He noted after the tournament that he has dropped Oni from competitive play and uses Ken mainly to counter Smug’s Dudley.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.


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