Project Screaming Lazarus.

I’ve been at a crossroads of sorts for the past month. At the start of May, I finished an internship as a Marketing/Communications writer for St. John’s, an internship I truly enjoyed to the fullest. I also have this side project called (maybe you’ve heard of it), that I’ve been working on for nearly three years now. And most importantly, I realized, I’m going into what could be my last semester in college.

With my college life ending soon, I’m getting close to the end of a chapter of my ongoing life, and it was time to decide whether or not to keep certain things in my life. I’m getting busier and busier with work, school, learning Japanese, video games, a side hobby of playing basketball on the weekends… and so much more.


I needed to decide how to move forward, and I needed to decide what was worth my time. For example, I’ve pondered the importance of this same website, and how it affects me as well as other readers. While my reach is still small, I absolutely love writing and working on stuff for this website. But I did consider shutting the whole thing down. However, instead of stopping production, I decided to increase it by 100 percent.

When I got together with five other friends to make this site, we were planning on working on it together. Unfortunately, we all got busy with other things, so projects we had ideas for never saw the light of day. Only three of the six initial members (including myself) are still active on the team, but what remains is more than enough to make something even more special than it has been in the past.

With the help of a few of my colleagues, this site will be the home to a ton of original content, a weekly source of information and entertainment and more. Without going too far into details, here’s what you can expect from ClassicButNew from here on out.

Video Game Reviews

I stopped reviewing games this year because I became to stagnant on how I approach every review. I wanted to come up with new ways to tell people if I thought a game is good or not. I want to become more creative and inspiring in my work, so I needed to take a step back and work on my writing style before writing new reviews. Also, I haven’t been playing as many games as I used to because of school and work, but now that I’m on break, I’ll have more time to spare to write more often. One of my dreams is still to reviews video games for a living, but I need to get better at writing them before I consider going pro.

Video Game Let’s Plays

IMG_0553Yes, I’ll be joining the realm of let’s plays this year more than ever. Even though these channels exist by the thousands, I want to make this one really special. Even though the “let’s play” world is vastly overpopulated, it doesn’t have what I can offer … yet.

On what I’m hoping will be a 5-day a week thing, we’ll have a new video up on that regular basis. Once a week, they’ll also be a “mega show” that will be more of a production and less of a regular let’s play. The LPs will be just one person running the show, but we’ll have more than one voice on these mega shows.

This is all practice for me, and I have no broadcast experience. So instead of just waiting to take a class or join a club, I want to start-up my commentary lifestyle by myself. By making LPs, I can give myself some experience as well as provide some entertainment to someone out there.

Video Game Newsletters 

One thing I never really got into with this site was reporting news. Most of what I did was critical or casual analysis on video games, movies and anime.

I want to change that a bit, without sacrificing the personality of this site. So we’ll be posting a newsletter at the end of every week about the prominent or interesting news that comes out of the video game world. Hopefully it’ll be presented in the creative way I’m picturing it.

Original Short Films

This is the category I’m most skeptical about. I’m not a movie maker, or an actor. However, I have a few ideas for short films/documentaries that I’m dying to film.


Even though this is considered a blog by normal standards, it’s too important to me. There was no way I was scrapping this project with the encouragement I get on a daily basis to continue it. So I’ve decided to expand it and go fully into it.

We’re not going to start off as the next big thing, but I don’t care. I just want to make something out of nothing using my own talents, as well as the talents of the people around me.

This will be my lifeblood for the foreseeable future.

This will be my lifeblood for the foreseeable future.

The site isn’t changing much, it’s just going to receive a major upgrade in quantity AND quality. You could say it’ll be going through a rebirth of sorts.

I want to end by saying thank you for anyone who has supported this site or me personally in the past three years. By support, I mean if you took the time to read this, or even click the link on twitter/Facebook, you’ve supported me in a major way. Thank you.


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