Sony E3 2015 Press Conference Review

Hype. Pure hype. That’s what Sony’s press conference was.  

Starting off with The Last Guardian was a way to start the hype and address the elephant in the room. Almost every game showcased well, including the new game form the creators of Killzone, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Street Fighter 5 and No Man Sky also had a good presence, with Street Fighter showing new characters and No Man Sky showing a purpose for players. The show was going smoothly, but it didn’t reach the next level until FF7, the true remake was shown.

The trailer was talking about the game as well as the final arrival of the remake. The beauty of it all though was the fact that it didn’t say the name of the game once. The trailer just showed the logo, faded to black… and then… REMAKE. Everyone knew what it was, and it was still one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. Imagine if it was all a long con? Showing the PC port of FF7 last year, only to troll us and reveal the real remake this year. I highly doubt that was the thinking, but it’s nice to look back at last year’s disappointment, which is now redeemed.

They followed that with an indie showcase to cool-down the hype, then turned up the volume again with Shenmue 3. SHEN. MUE. 3. It was just a myth until now, and even though it was just an announcement of a Kickstarter, there was no way that wasn’t getting funded overnight.

Time spent for peripherals and add-ons wasn’t too long and didn’t hinder the show at all. Assassin’s Creed was given some time, and it was meaningless. For a game that’s coming out in a few months, there is a surprising lack of gameplay. These were the only two low points for the show, but it didn’t drag on, so it wasn’t that horrid.

Since Call of Duty wasn’t shown during Microsoft’s conference, it was almost guaranteed that it would have a presence in Sony’s show. Which it did, and now Playstation is the one getting all of COD’s DLC first. Which is an announcement that doesn’t mean as much as it would have five years ago.

Sony just seemed to want to satisfy any dream that a long-time gamer might have had and made a great show. When new footage of Uncharted is an afterthought, you know you had a great show.

+The Last Guardian opening the show

+Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer

+Shen. F*****. Mue. 3. 

+Non-stop hype

-Assassin’s Creed showing another non-gameplay trailer 

Grade: A



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